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5 Useful Tips On How To Find The Best Hair Salon In NYC

“A good man might be hard to find, but a good hairdresser is next to impossible.”

Or is it?

If you like to shake things up, then your hair is one way to do it. Sometimes that means that you have to change your hair stylist, or even the hair salon that you frequent.
However, with so many hair salons, how do you choose where to go and what makes a salon the best?
There are 5 indicators to look for, that will help you find the best NYC hair salon and the best hair stylist for YOU:

1) Survival of the fittest

We think that the longevity of a hair salon is a great clue of success and happy clientele. Let’s face it, a stiff competition and a rough economy will separate the wheat from the chaff.

2) Merry-go-round hair stylists

High turnover is bad for business and customer service. No salon can provide good service with a constant merry-go-round of staff instability and turnover. Consequently, no stylist can provide consistent quality work if he/she keeps changing hair salons. A high turnover in hair stylists indicates a possible stressful environment. Nothing affects performance and creativity more than a bad work environment.

3) Review is king

Read all the reviews about a hair salon thoroughly. Citysearch, Yelp and Google maps are typical places where people share their experience with others. You want to look for common factors in both bad and good reviews. We all know sometimes reviews are biased, but the real ones have always things in common. Don’t forget that Yelp filters a lot of the reviews due to their review filter. Don’t assume that all filtered reviews are fake, shill or malicious. Read them anyway and you will soon have a good idea of what is common in all of them.

4) Consultation is A MUST

After you read all the reviews you could find, schedule consultations. Yes, plural. Finding the best hair salon and the best hair stylist for your needs is no different than interviewing for a new job, or looking for a new home. Any hair salon that provides great customer service offers complimentary consultations. Take advantage of this feature and go speak with various hair stylists. Get a sense of how would you feel in the new setting. Do you like the overall look of the salon? Is the location convenient? Do you connect with your stylist? No matter how fancy a salon is, or how reputable a hair stylist is, not everything is for everyone. Your goal is to find a salon and a stylist that suits your own style. Bigger is not always better.

5) Latest hair trends

Hair stylists should always keep up with the latest hair trends and latest hair techniques. Even though you are still getting the same classic bob hairstyle from ten years ago, you want your hair stylist to be well informed about what’s in, what’s out and what the fuss is all about the ombré. Ask all the questions you need, bring all the pictures you want and get a sense of what your stylist knows and if his/her personality fits your own.

Least, but not last follow your instincts. If it feels right, book your hair appointment. If you are the skeptical type, book a smaller service, such as a blowout. Good luck with your search!

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