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A Popular Keratin Smoothing Treatment Evaluation By Oregon OSHA

If you are tired of frizzy, coarse hair then you have to get a keratin smoothing treatment.  It will change your life!

There are many keratin smoothing treatments, but perhaps the Brazilian Blowout is the most efficient.  How does it work?

During the treatment, a protein polymer system adheres to the hair shaft, creating a shielding protein layer that evens cuticle and eliminates  frizz, without breaking bonds permanently like the Japanese straightening treatment.    Hair surface stays smooth for a couple of months,  but your natural texture returns as the treatment wears off.  It works wonderfully for very frizzy, very curly hair, as well as for hair that has been damaged or over-processed.  As a result, your hair will be lustrous, smooth with plenty of volume and bounce.

However, the Brazilian Blowout, has gotten a bad reputation due to reported high levels of formaldehyde  gas that were released during the treatment as a by-product.   Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and it becomes dangerous when inhaled.

The good news about the Brazilian Blowout:

It’s safe!

A study by Oregon OSHA has revealed that the formaldehyde exposure levels are well below OSHA’s Action Level, Permissible Exposure Level (PEL), and Short-Term Exposure Level.  Oregon OSHA confirms that the  Brazilian Blowout IS SAFE.

During this intensive study, Oregon OSHA tested seven hair salons.  

The stylist’s exposure was well below the Oregon OSHA PEL of 0.75 ppm and about 9 percent of the short-term limit, making it unlikely that either limit would be exceeded even if multiple treatments had been conducted during a single day. It was about 60 percent of the ACGIH recommended level.

The seventh salon had four stations with a false ceiling. No doors or window were left open and the stylist did not use any fans during the treatment. She did not wear gloves. Breathing zone samples were placed on the stylist during the process, which took 94 minutes. The samples were changed every 15 minutes. Samples were also placed to the right of the stylist, near the stylist’s sink and to the left of the stylist. The stylist’s peak exposure was 0.471 ppm, while applying the solution. Her average exposure during the procedure was 0.255 ppm and the 8 hour average was 0.050 ppm. The results did not exceed the 8-hour limit and it is unlikely that multiple treatments would have done so.

Oregon OSHA’s permissible Action Level for formaldehyde is of 0.5 parts per million.

The average Formaldehyde gas exposure level for the all the  salons tested by Oregon OSHA was 0.079 parts per million.

Brazilian Blowout Original Vs. Brazilian Blowout Zero

Brazilian Blowout Original

If your hair is extremely curly, thick and frizzy and wish to have sleek, glossy hair with no wave or curl, then the Brazilian Blowout Original is for you.   After the smoothing treatment is finished, hair is thoroughly rinsed and styled.  Afterwards, there is no down time;  you can immediately swim, wash your hair or tie it in a ponytail if you wish.

Brazilian Blowout Zero

It is ideal for slightly wavy/frizzy hair.  If you wish to get rid of frizzy hair completely, but keep your waves and volume, then this Kerasafe Bonding System is right for you.  This hair smoothing treatment takes only 60 minutes and rinsing at the end of the treatment IS NOT necessary.  Walk out with bouncy, glowing, smooth hair.

Anything Else You Need To Know…

  • Cost: $250- $600
  • Duration: Up to  12 weeks
  • Styling And Blow-Drying: Your hair will dry much faster and styling will be easier to manage
  • Aftercare Regimen: Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
  • Hair coloring:  Color your hair prior to having the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment, or 2 weeks after the treatment

To read this full report, please click on Brazilian Blowout Report

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