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A Short Haircut For Fine Hair Plus a Two Tone Pastel Pink Hue You Wish You Had!

 Hair concept: A collaboration between Lau Gallico, Marco Candela Michelus and Moni Chi which meshed three visions into one for a hybrid, bold look.

hair coloring ideas

A short hairstyle perfect for fine hair combined with melted tones of pastel pink, which will fade gracefully over time into a gradual powdery blonde.


hair color pink

A note on pastel hair colors:

To get a pure pastel hue, your hair must be lightened to an even baby blonde color.  Best type of hair that will easily achieve a great shade of blonde is fine hair.

cool hair colors: pink tones on short hairstyle

That is the hardest part, but once your hair is  lightened and prepped, it becomes a canvas.  Your imagination plus your colorist’s creativity and set of skills are the limits for the many variations of vivid and pastel hair color which  can be created.

Pastel colors are semi-permanent and meant to fade gradually over the course of a few weeks.  Which is great for anyone loving change and a fun way to take your blonde up or down a notch.

pastel pink hair

Hair color is an excellent choice for any fine, mousy hair type because coloring adds tons of body and luster.  Women with fine hair become good blondes, but beware of over-processing!

two tone hair color pink

To repair and keep the integrity of your hair structure after the lightening process, we recommend OLAPLEX, a cutting-edge hair treatment designed to repair the internal structure of the hair cortex.  Read more about OLAPLEX HERE.

short haircuts for fine hair

Creative Team:

Hairstyle and photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Haircolor: Lau Gallico

Makeup: Moni Chi

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