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Asian Male Haircut by Marco Plus Best Hairstyling Products for Asian Men Hair

Thick Asian type of hair demands special attention and a skilled hairdresser like Marco Candela Michelus. asian men hair trends

Asian hair is typically straight, dense with a very thick hair strand that tends to stick up and out if cut too short, or bulks without definition if it’s long, but not layered and texturized right. 

To bring out the best in this type of hair and create a lean and well defined haircut, Marco undercut the sides, left enough length on top and texturized everything to perfection to create side to side movement and discourage natural bulk.

Hair product tip: To keep the hair smooth on top, a little HydroGel goes a long way.  Yes, HydroGel is created for curls, but Marco loves to experiment and always thinks out of the box.  It turned out, the HydroGel with its moisturizing and molding properties, keeps Asian hair velvety and hydrated.

Good hairstyling choice  for the young Asian man or for anyone with the right personality.

Hairstyle and photography by Marco Candela Michelus

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