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Big Sexy Hairstyle And Dimensional Haircolor Ideas For Women With Curly Hair

Below is another of Karla Gore’s hairstyle creations: a truly sexy mane with deep red and violet shades designed to accentuate curls and texture.

Hair: Karla Gore

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Model: Rosa Lopez

Haircolor goal: To create dimension and add luster.

hair coloring ideas fpr naturally curly hair

Karla layered shades of red with shades of violet in a single process/free style highlights combination.  A low maintenance color designed to create luminosity and showcase hair movement.


Haircut concept: To construct a  balanced haircut that looks good  when styled naturally curly but also straight; to control texture and create hair movement.

curly hairstyle ideasLayers work great for this type of hair.  They look best when layers are cut medium to long to keep hair from puffing out.  To encourage healthy curl formation and diminish frizz, Karla kept her thinning shears away from Rosa’s hair.

Styling concept: Well formed curls.  Bigger is better!

Big Sexy Hair

Karla dried Rosa’s hair into six flat twists under a hooded dryer to reduce frizz.  She finger-combed it afterwards, and polished the curls by wrapping large sections with a 1/4 inch curling iron.

Curly hairstyle and red violet hues


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