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Bored Of Your Haircut? Try A Short Mohawk Hairstyle With Chester Doverspike. He Creates Some Cool Short Haircuts

” This is a great salon, full of talented and interesting people who do great work–and who care about their work and their clientele. I began as a walk-in and became a regular customer quickly, even convincing my wife to use their services as well. We both go to Chester (my wife began with a different stylist) and he’s terrific. Over the last few years we’ve become acquainted (and quite fond) of the entire staff–as personable, fun, and dedicated a crew as you’ll find anywhere in NYC. Lance and his entire team, from the receptionists, shampoo-ers, and stylists, make this a no-attitude, relaxed, great environment in which to get a great haircut. ~ Guest”


Cool Short Haircuts

We ❤ this short haircut by hair stylist Chester Doverspike.


Hair stylist Chester Doverspike has a knack for transforming seemingly ordinary and otherwise boring hair into distinct and noticeably cool hairstyles.  Ask any of his clients and they will gladly tell you all you need to know about the creativity and passion that Chester pours into every haircut that he meticulously crafts.

New Short Hairstyles

Leave it to Chester to come up with cool hairstyles for short hair.

Here are a few tips from Chester on how to style your hair into a mohawk:

  • Once you’ve washed your hair, DO NOT rub your wet hair with the towel.   Instead, flip your head upside down and pat your hair dry.  This will help you avoid split ends and will simultaneously promote volume.  Your roots will thank you!
  • Never skip the rough-dry.  A rough blow dry at the beginning of your styling routine eliminates excess water and creates lift before you even begin styling your hair.
  • While your head is still upside down, blow your hair quickly and push your roots up and away from the scalp with your fingers.  Make sure to keep your dryer perpendicular or angled at 45 degrees to your head.  DO NOT point your dryer downward as it will cause flat roots.
  • When your hair is 75 percent dry, add definition to your hair texture with a round brush.
  • Once your hair has the desired shape, add Davines Defining Invisible Paste.  Start with a small amount, work through evenly from roots to ends to build structure and volume. Now it’s time for hair spray. 


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