Viewing: Curly Hair & African American Hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles for African-American Women: Curly Mohawk with Shaved Sides

A gorgeous natural hairstyle to inspire you:  Mohawk  with shaved sides and a beautiful hair color for African-American skin tones. Style and color: Karla Gore Makeup: Talia Wright Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   Hair and photography, courtesy of Lance Lappin, hair salon in TriBeCa, NYC.   […] Read More

Natural Hairstyles: Super Short Haircut, Tramlines and Two-Tone Hair

Year’s hottest hair trends: Two-tone hair, tramlines, really short haircuts Enhance your looks with the right haircut and color! We love super short haircuts for the summer but pair them with your two-tone haircolor of choice and tramlines and you will get an ultra-chic look worthy for the runway. Hair color ideas for short hair  […] Read More

Big Sexy Hairstyle And Dimensional Haircolor Ideas For Women With Curly Hair

Below is another of Karla Gore’s hairstyle creations: a truly sexy mane with deep red and violet shades designed to accentuate curls and texture. Hair: Karla Gore Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Model: Rosa Lopez Haircolor goal: To create dimension and add luster. Karla layered shades of red with shades of violet in a single process/free style […] Read More

Styling Locs: The Best Loc Styles For Guys With Long Hair, Created by Karla Gore

Karla Gore, our up and coming new hairstylist, is a passionate well-rounded professional.   Her styling creativity knows no boundaries.  Eager to learn and showcase her hairstyles, Karla ventures from men to women’s hairstyles with the same ease.  Smooth layered haircuts, short and funky, vibrant hair coloring, she’s a stylist whose work is meant to […] Read More

Mixed Hair Types: A Girl With Very Cute Short Curly Hair

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the curliest of them all?   If you have really curly hair, you know how hard it is to get a good haircut.  Hairstylists who understand curly hair and its challenges are hard to find. Come and meet Marco! He’s the stylist who gave  our model Gabriella such a […] Read More

African-American Haircare: Tips And Must-Have Natural Hair Products

Every day, a significant number of  African-American women give up hair weaves and relaxers to embrace the beauty of their natural hair.  According to the consumer research group Mintel, the relaxer segment of the Black haircare category has suffered a staggering decline since 2008, as more and more women prefer to wear their hair natural. [quote] The […] Read More

Transitioning To Natural Hair: Natural Hair Tips From Stylist Nicole Parkinson

For decades now, African-American women tamed their temperamental, kinky curly locks into sleek, straight hairstyles.  But after years of chemical straighteners, ethnic women are tired of frazzled, battered locks with no personality.  Every day now, one more woman with relaxed hair decides to go back to natural. Unconventional celebrities like Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, supermodel […] Read More

How To Control Frizzy Curly Hair

 “Help me solve my hair dilemma! My hair is naturally wavy and incredibly thick (native american), and is prone to some serious frizz. I blow dry and flat iron every day, my hair isn’t damaged, but even with a flat iron, it still looks poofy/frizzy at bottoms. I use Redken All-Soft and a Redken shine […] Read More

Bella Gioia’s Curls: Dino’s Tips And Favorite Curly Hair Products

“Dino is the best hair stylist in NYC!” ~ Gioia We all want what we don’t have. Women with curly hair want straight hair, women with pin straight hair wish to have curls.  Sounds familiar? Gioia, one of Dino’s regular clients, is no exception to the rule.  In addition to her typical hair routine consisting […] Read More

2012 Hair Trends: Afro Hairstyles

To see more of  Marco’s haircuts, click here and view a short haircut picture.   […] Read More

Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair & Makeup Pictures Of Chaley Rose

What sets Lance Lappin apart from other top hair salons in NYC, besides longevity, dedication and integrity?  Creativity. Haircut & Color: Ivy Lappin Style: Dino Mastrogiovanni Makeup & Photography: JV Galindo Natural hairstyle that accentuates curls and volume. Yes, we know our model is naturally gorgeous.  She is blessed with thick, naturally curly hair and […] Read More

Best NYC salon for curly hair: Hairstyles for curly hair women

Curly hairstyles are making a comeback and so is big hair. If you have it, love it and flaunt it. Cherish your curly locks, they look sexy and fresh. Ask any girl with straight, flat hair and she’ll tell you that she would love to rock a wild, curly mane. If you are blessed with […] Read More