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Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

We all sigh with envy at the sight of beautiful celebs with gorgeous manes and flawless skin. Little imperfections such as ordinary hair, or smile lines are quickly and quietly fixed by beauty’s little helpers, hair stylists, estheticians and plastic surgeons. If all else fails, an army of Photoshop artists is waiting on stand-by to erase all flaws.
We are not here to judge. We just want to point out at this video produced by Consumer Reports about hair extensions.

Hair extensions CAN damage your hair. How and where and who takes care of your extensions actually matters. We’d like to emphasize that when it comes to hair extensions, less is NOT more. We urge you to choose responsibly what kind of extensions you attach in your hair. Glue based ones are a big NO-NO and the most damaging. You really want the best hair extensions available and the best hair extensions specialist. You also need to consider the fact that once they are attached, it’s not over. They require periodic adjustments after the initial application.
Our hair extensions expert, Nicole Parkinson, recommends DreamCatchers. Due to their Micro-cylinder™ technology, DreamCatchers hair extensions are easy on your hair. What makes them a better option? Your stylist will regularly change the position of the cylinders by releasing them, sliding them up the hair shaft one inch from the scalp and re-crimping them.
Check out the video and decide if hair extensions are for you. If the answer is yes, be prepared to care for them properly to avoid hair loss and hair damage.

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