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Evening Makeup: Every Woman Needs Red Lipstick

Makeup artist JV Galindo thinks that every woman should own a red lipstick.


Evening makeup doesn’t have to be complicated.  Red lips, good mascara and sculpted eyebrows can instantly elevate your look. 

A big fan of red lipsticks, JV likes  all kinds of shades and textures.  Sometimes, he mixes his own.

blonde girl with red lips

Makeup (and red lipstick shade ~ mystery concoction) by JV Galindo.

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus


One Of a Kind Bargain: Four Red Lipsticks Under $10 That Make Your Pout Stand Out

What’s Up Doc 515D Lip Color Silk Finish ~ Wet n Wild Lipstick $4.10.  Buy it here

best coral lipstick

Although it comes in a flimsy package, this gorgeous red lipstick is a steal of a deal.  If feels super-moisturizing, it glides smoothly and has a silky finish, without being shiny.  What’s Up Doc is simply seductive. No one will believe it was $4.  Your secret is safe with us.

Mega Last Lip Color 970 Purty Persimmon ~ Color  Wet n Wild.  $4.98

Buy it here

coral red lipstick
If you are looking for a good coral-red lipstick, look no more.  This bold, matte, long-lasting lipstick will become your go-to red.  Make sure your lips are well hydrated before applying.  It’s very matte and thus, it feels a bit dryer than your usual lipstick.

Love That Red ~Revlon  $6.39.  Buy it here


best cheap red lipstick

Love That Red has the IT factor.  Creamy and lustrous without being overly shiny.  It has a gorgeous,  true-red tone and sets the bar high even for premium brands like Channel, Nars and MAC .  You better believe it.  Rich girl’s lips, without the price tag.

British Red ~ L’Oreal $5.97.  Buy it here


british red_l'oreal lipstick

A smooth, hydrating lipstick that wears well.  Apply it lightly and it looks pretty.  Add an extra-coat and it becomes the lipstick of a femme fatale, bold and mysterious.  A sophisticated lipstick with satin finish and a hot coral undertone.  Designed to turn heads.

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