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I have been a client of this salon for more than 15 years and I can honestly say that I have never walked out of their shop less than thrilled with my hair (really!) - and neither has any other member of my family - we all go there. I've spent many, many happy hours in their chairs and, over the years, I... have literally watched hundreds of clients leave their salon with satisfied smiles on their faces. I was a client and (huge) fan of Ivy's for many years, but now that she's gone, my new "team" is Lance for haircuts and Sandra for color and I just love the results - they are both so incredibly talented, not to mention, comforting and kind. I really can't say enough about this incredible shop. Lance Lappin Salon is simply a wonderful, warm, feel good kind of place AND they really know hair. I look forward to every visit. ~ Guest

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Lance is an artist and a great human being! I would travel to get to this salon, and I do...from the upper West Side. It's a treat to go to a salon that is laid back, but very aesthetically pleasing, and it's a treat to go to a salon without ANY anxiety about whether you're going to get a cut you like or not: IT'S ALWAYS A GREAT CUT!

In addition, they have other great services, including color.

And before or after your visit to the salon, there are wonderful cafes and restaurants in the area, and you can ask anyone at the salon for recommendations!~ Guest

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I've been going to see Lance about every five weeks for the past five years now, and enjoy every minute of my time there. Lance is very gifted. He knew just what to do with my formerly boring hair the moment he saw it. I'll never forget how great it was to get that first haircut, and every cut since then has been just right -- I get compliments all the time.

Visiting the salon is a relaxing and revitalizing experience from the moment you walk in the door. The staff are warm and welcoming. I'm not a trendsetter, club kid or fashionista (and I'm several years past being over the hill), but I always feel relaxed and right at home. I recommend Lance and his salon highly. You will come away refreshed, and with a haircut that is just right for you, whoever you are. ~ Guest

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