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Hair stylists pick: Best haircare regimen for aging hair

Time Reset by Redken. This haircare line is loaded with peptides and ceramides (to repair the surface of the hair fiber). It also boasts Intra-Cylane® – a silicone molecule that repairs porous hair by expanding into a 3-D network which enhances strand resilience from the inside out. Other ingredients include green tea (known to have antioxidant super-powers), Camellia oil which provides supreme moisture and elasticity to the hair and UV filters ( prevent damage caused by UV rays).



According to Redken, hair ages in 2 ways:

  • Chronological – caused by overuse of styling tools, excessive coloring, straightening treatments and exposure to natural elements.
  • Hormonal – caused by physiological changes as well as certain medications.

There are 5 signs of aging hair that tell you it’s time to change your haircare products to Time Reset which can specifically help with these issues:

  • Fibro-Porosity: Hair is porous, weak and appears puffy.
  • Density Loss: Hair gets thinner and the overall mass of your hair reduces.
  • Fragility: Hair is fragile, brittle, breaks easily and appears to have stopped growing.
  • Dullness: Hair looks lifeless and dull.
  • Dryness: Hair lacks elasticity and looks damaged.

If you notice any of these signs, call our NYC salon and book a Time Reset treatment with one of our top hair stylists. Ask us about Time Reset take home regimen.
Time Reset treatment includes a shampoo followed by a concentrated dose of Intra-Cylane treatment and a spray sealer to lock the ingredients and balance the PH levels in the hair. The treatment ends with an application of a concentrated filler treatment. Treatment price: $40

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