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Hair Terminology: Haircutting Expressions And Their Meaning

Hair stylists have a language of their own. You’ve heard about layers and undercuts, but what do all these terms mean?

Hair terms


Layering is a method to add shape to long or short hair.  It can decrease weight or create volume, depending on the hair type.

Shattered Layers:

These are uneven layers that are cut around the head to emphasize facial features.  Your hair stylist can sculpt hair pieces to define a fringe or to create movement with choppy, strong textures.  These layers are never wispy.

Point Cutting:

This technique is a favorite among hair stylists and it’s used to soften up layers and refine shape with the tip of the scissors.


Working from very short lengths at the nape of the neck to longer layers on top.  This technique is used to create bob haircuts.


The scissors slide on the length of the hair strands at a 45 degree angle,  with emphasis on the ends to create softness and texture.


Razoring is a thinning technique and it’s  usually done on very thick/straight hair.  It’s a great technique for short haircuts.

The Undercut

Hair is shaved or cut really short on the sides while the top is significantly longer.  The undercut is unisex and has been sported by many celebs.

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