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Hair Trends 2017: What Balayage and Rose Gold Brown Hair Color Have in Common?

Combine balayage with a rose gold gloss and get a sophisticated hue for brunettes and blondes alike!

Browse below to see an interpretation of rose gold on medium brown hair color

Lance Lappin Creative Team:

Hairstyle and Color: Moni Yos and Sandra Vasilescu

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Rose brown hair color

Rose gold tones complement all shades of brown hair color and work wonderful with most skin complexions from fair to beige  to cream-colored, and light-brown to caramel and medium-brown skin.

We’ve seen many hair trends come and go, but rose gold is a flattering color choice for most brunettes and we expect to see more of it in 2017.

The best part about rose gold hair color?

golden brown hair color

It looks best as an accent color!  That’s good news for any woman who likes a natural look and is on a low-maintenance beauty regimen.   Adorn any brown hair shade with rose gold highlights to enhance any hairstyle, add dimension and movement to your haircut.  

Rose gold is not one color fits all.  There are many interpretations of it and they range from gold brown with just a hint of rose, to a rose brown with just a touch of gold.  Depending on your skin tone and you natural base hair color, stylists will create a perfect rose gold hue for your brown hair shade.  Rose gold requires creativity, knowledge and the right pigments combination.  Do not do try this color at home!

Rose gold hair color trend

How to get the most out of your haircolor without breaking the bank?Light rose brown hair color pictures

Balayage requires minimal maintenance!

Keep your natural brown base color and add balayage highlights twice to three times per year.  Balayage is a hair highlighting technique which allows you less hair salon visits, because this type of highlights age and grow out gracefully without causing a strong line of demarcation.  Add a rose gold gloss (aka glaze) to your service and enjoy!  Think of it as a top coat added to your highlights to enhance or change them to a specific hue.

Refresh your gloss every six weeks if you want, or watch your highlights change tones for an evolving haircolor.  Either way, you will love your hair!

TIP:  When you get a highlighting service, a gloss is included with your service at your request.  Your colorist may decide you do not need a gloss for color.  Please defer to your professional for the best results.

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