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How To Wear Curly Gray Hair Best Plus JV’s Makeup Tricks For Women Over 50

How To Wear Curly Gray Hair Best Plus JV’s Makeup Tricks For Women Over 50

Haircut: Lance Lappin

Style & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Makeup: JV Galindo

silver grey hair pictures

When a young woman walks in the salon and requests gray highlights in her otherwise untainted locks, we see this as somewhat rebellious.  After all, older women are spending big bucks to cover gray hair. 

But what if you actually have gray hair and wish to flaunt it? 

Lance Lappin On Cutting Curly Gray Hair:


 Finding the perfect balance between shape, curl and texture is an art.

Lance’s Tips For Curly Gray Hair:

  • Avoid stringy hair with frequent haircutsCurly, gray hair is usually porous and prone to split ends and yellowing.  Maintenance is important.
  • You don’t have to cut your hair short over 50, but unless your gray hair is unusually smooth, a shorter haircut is more flattering for curly textures.
  • A precision haircut with clean angles helps naturally curly hair look full and bouncy.
  • Creating mixed length layers makes your hairstyle look current and fashionable.
  • Soft, face-framing layers promote balance to your face and define cheekbones.

Marco Candela Michelus On Curly Gray Hair Texture:

gray curly hair

The secret to beautiful gray hair lies in its texture.  Combine curly gray hair with a smooth texture and the way light reflects in the silver strands is attractive and incredibly avant-garde. I found that Cezanne hair smoothing treatment works best for curly hair.

Marco’s Tips For Perfect Hair Texture:

  • Get rid of porous, dull gray hair with Cezanne hair smoothing treatment. 
  • Cezanne eliminates frizz, adds luster and makes hair smooth without losing volume or curl. Smooth curls air-dry beautifully and style easily.
  • A keratin smoothing treatment gives you the choice of blow-drying your hair straight if you wish in half the time effortlessly.
  • Embrace your curls. Add curl definition for a polished look. Take random hair sections and wrap them around a curling iron.  Don’t struggle to make your curls perfect. Imperfect curls make your hairstyle cool and modern.

JV Galindo On Skin And Makeup:

beauty over 50

Pair silver hair with radiant skin and good makeup and the overall effect is irresistibly chic at any age. Wear it with confidence; confidence is sexy!

JV’s Makeup Tips For Women Over 50:

  • Gently exfoliate your face and lips twice a week to help cells regenerate and keep skin smooth and supple.
  • Avoid cakey  looking makeup by replacing heavy foundation with CC cream.   CC cream is a complexion corrector and is usually packed with good-for-you ingredients such as vitamin C and ceramides to improve the appearance of skin.
  • CC cream is lightweight, it hydrates and minimizes pores, evens skin tone and provides SPF protection.  CC cream comes in various shades and offers sheer to medium coverage.  However, unlike foundation, CC creams don’t settle into pores and wrinkles.
  • Apply primer to your lips to prevent lipstick from feathering.


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