“Touching The World One Haircut At A Time” ~ Lance Lappin

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Modern Haircuts, Beautiful Haircolor at Lance Lappin Salon

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With the New Year knocking at the door, everyone gets the urge to change their look.  Fastest way to do it is to jazz up your haircolor and get a suave new haircut.  Book your appointment with one of our great specialists, because…

Lance Lappin Salon is among best hair salons in NYC for coloring and everyone raves about our haircuts too!


“Lance Lappin is an extraordinary hair stylist, and a wonderful person. My haircuts are perfect, and, perhaps even more important, everyone at the salon is welcoming and warm. The ambiance is amazing.” ~ Elizabeth

“I’ve had balayage done several times with Sandra and a great updo and makeup with JV. I just have to say I always walk out of Lance Lappin’s without JUST being satisfied, I’m glamorized! My highlights always look great even months after I get them, but I still get compliments on how natural my hair looks.”~ Sarah

“Lance Lappin is the best salon I’ve ever been to! The staff is amazing, incredibly talented and caring. My hair looks the best it ever has. Highly recommend!” ~ Lynn

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

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