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Looking For A New York Portrait Photographer? Check Out These Professional Headshots By Marco

Are you still looking for a New York portrait photographer? Then, Marco Candela-Michelus is your guy. What differentiates Marco from other New York photographers? His innate ability to discover beauty in every face. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these professional headshots and decide if Marco is THE photographer for you.


“There is nothing more profound than what appears on the surface.” ~ Marco Candela-Michelus


Photographers in NYC | Marco Candela-Michelus

Hair: Galina Moshkov
Makeup Artist: Dino Mastrogiovanni
Photography: Marco Candela-Michelus

A portrait photographer is the type of artist that starts with a finished product. In a sense, it’s the hardest kind of artistry, but discovering the many layers of a person’s face, is both exciting and challenging to Marco.


Headshots New York

Hairstyle: Galina Moshkov
Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni
Headshot Photography: Marco Candela-Michelus

It takes a lot of awareness to capture the right expression at the right time, in a photograph. What makes Marco one of the best portrait photographers, is his inborn talent to capture beauty and his capacity to make people let their guard down for his camera.

Portrait Photographers

Hairstyle: Galina Moshkov
Makeup Artist: Dino Mastrogiovanni
Portrait Photographer: Marco Candela-Michelus

Whether you need professional headshots of any kind (modeling headshots, corporate headshots, actor headshots, etc.) or professional portraits, our team of great hair stylists and makeup artists is here to help and prepare you for your photo shoot with Marco.

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  • Crishtine April 18, 2013, 9:39 PM

    super cool pic such a beautiful model…looking very hot.

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