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Mens Smart Haircuts: Mickey’s Sexy And Cool Guys Hair Is The Most Requested Haircut in 2017!

Of the best mens haircuts we’ve seen in our salon, Mickey’s smart and sexy hairstyle  stands out.

male hairstyles

Designing the haircut

haircuts for guys

First Step: Cutting the back and sides short

After cutting the hair short on back and sides, Marco’s haircutting techniques, include shearing it repeatedly with his thinning scissors to create a soft, velvety finish.  Thinning the sides and back will improve the way hair grows out.   Using the scissors instead of hair clippers, soften edges and help the shape of the haircut last longer.

mens hairstyles for thick hair

Second Step: Keep the length on top, get rid of the bulk

To accentuate length on top and to shape Mickey’s very thick hair, Marco removed bulk by layering and thinning, especially the sides, where short and long layers connect.  Scissors cuts control hair texture better than hair clippers, especially for men with very thick hair.

Mickey-haircuts for men

Hair and photography: Marco Candela Michelus

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