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Mixed Hair Types: A Girl With Very Cute Short Curly Hair

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the curliest of them all?

 Mixed hair: girl very short curly hair and natural sun-kissed haircolor

If you have really curly hair, you know how hard it is to get a good haircut.  Hairstylists who understand curly hair and its challenges are hard to find.

Come and meet Marco!

He’s the stylist who gave  our model Gabriella such a beautifully shaped short haircut.

girl with very curly short haircut

Mixed Hair Types

Marco Candela Michelus explains:

“Gabriella has a unique hair texture.  Not all her curls have the same quality.  Her hair is very thick, with curls which are tight and perfectly formed in some places mixed with loose, fine curls that frizz easily and need some help with their shape.   Among all these various types of ringlets, you can find random, medium straight hair strands.”

What is the best hairstyle for her mixed hair?

short curly hair with natural sun-kissed-highlights

A short haircut is a great style to bring all these different types of curls and textures together into a beautiful shape that accentuates the charm of curly hair.  Short hair makes maintenance for mixed hair easy to style and care for.

natural curly hairstyle and sun-kissed hair

Hair and photography by Marco Candela Michelus

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