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Mousy Brown Hair Makeover: Shades Of Brown, A Sexy Long Hairstyle And Beautiful Makeup

haircuts for thin hair

Hair colorist: Sandra Vasilescu

“Haircolor is one change easy to make.  Dare to do the opposite of what is expected of you. ~ Sandra”

Shades Of Brown

Mousy brown hair is a perfect canvas for haircolorists.  Most women with mousy hair tend to color their hair lighter, but Sandra took a different approach;  to draw attention to Francesca’s best features and to showcase the hairstyle, she fashioned a combination of rich, luminous dark brown haircolor shades with plenty of dimension.

hair color ideas for brunettes

Hairstylist: Marco Candela Michelus

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with change.  Hair grows back! ~ Marco”

Magic Layers

Adding volume to fine hair while keeping the hair as long as possible, as per our model’s request, is always challenging for stylists, but Marco mastered his trade.  Shorter layers around her face created instant lift without sacrificing overall length.  For a bodacious hairstyle he cut a horseshoe shape around the crown of the head of invisible mini-layers to further lift and encourage hair bounce.

beautiful girl with rich brown hair

Makeup artist: Talia Wright

“Keep your skin radiant from within with healthy hydration. ~ Talia”

Natural Makeup

Winter takes a toll on your skin, so make sure to hydrate well, moisturize thoroughly and eat lots of salmon, blueberries and sweet potatoes.  Green tea also helps your skin stay healthy and elastic.

chocolate hair

Talia’s approach to makeup is modern and versatile.  To get an evenly smooth skin texture, she had to first prep Francesca’s skin with a moisturizing primer, followed by a light foundation to create a luminous dreamy complexion.  A beautiful neutral bronze eye and nutmeg lip completed Francesca’s look.

haircuts for thin hair

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

brown hair color ideas

Liquid Sun Raincoat-DELPIN LOS ANGELES, courtesy of A UNO TRIBECA

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