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Old And New TriBeCa: West Broadway & Duane Street 1985

NYC TriBeCa 1985

TriBeCa-West Broadway & Duane Street 1985

NYC TriBeCa 2010

TriBeCa-West Broadway & Duane Street 2010

It was a windy and very cold night in March, 1985. Lance and I were invited to a birthday party at the Acute Café, now home to HSBC bank on W. Broadway.  The taxi driver, who had no idea how to get to the address given to him, dropped us off at the corner of Canal St. and West Broadway and this is where the fun began.  I was dressed for a party, wearing 4 inch heels and ill prepared for the long walk down West Broadway to Duane St.  This is the conversation that transpired during that trek.
Me:  I CANNOT believe that this cab driver had no idea how to get us where we need to be, I hope you didn’t tip him.  These heels are killing me, and I’m freezing my butt off.
Lance:  Look at this neighborhood.  I didn’t even know this place existed, did you?
Me: Yeah, the buildings are beautiful and so old….. but my feet are killing me.  Slow down.. I can’t run after you in these shoes. (Lance runs wherever he goes… even when he’s just out for a stroll)
As we approached Duane St. and West Broadway we spotted the “for rent” sign on the boarded up storefront that would become the home of Lance Lappin Salon.
Lance:  Oh my God, LOOK at this place.  I feel like my head is buzzing…we’re coming back here tomorrow.  This is where I’m going to put the salon.
Me:  Wow. It’s amazing… I have got to get these f*&^#*g  shoes off my damn feet NOW!
The rest is history.

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