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Men with Bleached Blond Hair: Defining Shape and Texture with Color

Men like color too!  Every guy should try blond once.    No matter the men’s hair trend of the moment, getting platinum blond hair adds a dope factor to any haircut. It is especially good for fine hair because it improves texture and it makes hair look thicker and fuller. Blonds have more fun!  Guys […] Read More

Natural Hairstyles for African-American Women: Curly Mohawk with Shaved Sides

A gorgeous natural hairstyle to inspire you:  Mohawk  with shaved sides and a beautiful hair color for African-American skin tones. Style and color: Karla Gore Makeup: Talia Wright Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   Hair and photography, courtesy of Lance Lappin, hair salon in TriBeCa, NYC.   […] Read More

A Short Haircut For Fine Hair Plus a Two Tone Pastel Pink Hue You Wish You Had!

 Hair concept: A collaboration between Lau Gallico, Marco Candela Michelus and Moni Chi which meshed three visions into one for a hybrid, bold look. A short hairstyle perfect for fine hair combined with melted tones of pastel pink, which will fade gracefully over time into a gradual powdery blonde.   A note on pastel hair […] Read More

TRANSformation…Finding Identity in Hair

Our common goal at Lance Lappin Salon: We want everyone to feel beautiful and reflect who they truly are.  We especially want that for those who don’t get enough support from the world: the Trans community.  Audry, a trans woman, was gracious enough to answer some of our questions about her journey. It’s been such […] Read More

Natural Hairstyles: Super Short Haircut, Tramlines and Two-Tone Hair

Year’s hottest hair trends: Two-tone hair, tramlines, really short haircuts Enhance your looks with the right haircut and color! We love super short haircuts for the summer but pair them with your two-tone haircolor of choice and tramlines and you will get an ultra-chic look worthy for the runway. Hair color ideas for short hair  […] Read More

Fueled By Creativity With Unconventional Hair Trends For The Confident Male

“Creativity is intelligence having fun. ~ Albert Einstein” Creativity and inspiration are important elements in the life of a hairstylist.  Below is a free-spirited men’s long hairstyle designed by our team of talented stylists. Color concept: Lau Gallico Styling concept & photography : Marco Candela Michelus Styling a men’s long haircut: Add a texture spray, a […] Read More

Big Sexy Hairstyle And Dimensional Haircolor Ideas For Women With Curly Hair

Below is another of Karla Gore’s hairstyle creations: a truly sexy mane with deep red and violet shades designed to accentuate curls and texture. Hair: Karla Gore Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Model: Rosa Lopez Haircolor goal: To create dimension and add luster. Karla layered shades of red with shades of violet in a single process/free style […] Read More

Styling Locs: The Best Loc Styles For Guys With Long Hair, Created by Karla Gore

Karla Gore, our up and coming new hairstylist, is a passionate well-rounded professional.   Her styling creativity knows no boundaries.  Eager to learn and showcase her hairstyles, Karla ventures from men to women’s hairstyles with the same ease.  Smooth layered haircuts, short and funky, vibrant hair coloring, she’s a stylist whose work is meant to […] Read More

Precision Haircut By Master Stylist Kiyo Koike: Sexy Short Bob

A well revered master hairstylist,  Kiyo Koike skillfully combines sexy with precise.  His haircuts are always accurate at first, then deliberately deconstructed for a stylish dash. Kyo’s bob haircuts are never boring.  This fusion short hairstyle holds shape very well for a long period of time and it’s versatile to style.     Keep it […] Read More

Show Off Your Hair: The Kind Of Silver Gray Hair Everyone Loves, Plus How To Transition To Gray

Wearing gray hair is part confidence, part good hair texture, part great haircut! Some women love coloring their hair and the entire hair salon experience. They want it and they come to see us often.  We love it! Some don’t envision themselves going gray.  Ever.  They visit us regularly and reluctantly.  We get it! And […] Read More

Vicky’s Hair Transformation: Images Of A Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyle

Remember Samson and Delilah?  We bet you can metaphorically relate to this biblical story if you ever had a bad hair day.  A poor hair experience is humbling and it instantly chips away at your confidence. But here, at Lance Lappin Salon, we design great hairstyles and beautiful hair makeovers. Vicky’s Long Bob Haircut Styled and […] Read More

Mousy Brown Hair Makeover: Shades Of Brown, A Sexy Long Hairstyle And Beautiful Makeup

Hair colorist: Sandra Vasilescu “Haircolor is one change easy to make.  Dare to do the opposite of what is expected of you. ~ Sandra” Shades Of Brown Mousy brown hair is a perfect canvas for haircolorists.  Most women with mousy hair tend to color their hair lighter, but Sandra took a different approach;  to draw […] Read More

The Secret Benefit to Highlighting Your Hair: How To Increase Hair volume For Men

Men’s Hair Trends In 2017 Are Bright And Bold! As far as men’s grooming goes, hair coloring is trending up, it’s no longer taboo and it’s not about the gray.  Men love hair texture and hair color adds texture! Lance Lappin Salon Creative Team Colorist: Sandra Vasilescu Hairstyle & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Take a […] Read More

Steal This Look: Michele’s Shiny Brown Hair Is a Perfect Balance between Haircut and Color

  We are already embracing the 2017 hair trends, but a luminous mane of brown hair infused with hand-painted highlights to complement a beautifully layered haircut is timeless and will make the top five of any hair trends list anytime! “I like to keep my hair long, but not boring.  I color my roots because I’m getting some […] Read More

Mens Smart Haircuts: Mickey’s Sexy And Cool Guys Hair Is The Most Requested Haircut in 2017!

Of the best mens haircuts we’ve seen in our salon, Mickey’s smart and sexy hairstyle  stands out. Designing the haircut First Step: Cutting the back and sides short After cutting the hair short on back and sides, Marco’s haircutting techniques, include shearing it repeatedly with his thinning scissors to create a soft, velvety finish.  Thinning the sides […] Read More

Hair Trends 2017: What Balayage and Rose Gold Brown Hair Color Have in Common?

Combine balayage with a rose gold gloss and get a sophisticated hue for brunettes and blondes alike! Browse below to see an interpretation of rose gold on medium brown hair color Lance Lappin Creative Team: Hairstyle and Color: Moni Yos and Sandra Vasilescu Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Rose gold tones complement all shades of brown […] Read More

Red Hair Shades: Show Off Your Mermaid Hair With Radiant Golden Copper

Red hair is temperamental with a ton of personality. It is perhaps, the one haircolor which should come with the “don’t try this at home” warning. What is the best haircolor for you? For many women, choosing a red haircolor sounds like a risky option.  Rest assured, red hair has a high-impact effect and is becoming […] Read More

Layered Haircut for Thick Hair And Long Side Swept Bangs For A Diamond Shaped Face

One of the most common requests from our clients for long layered hairstyles is to see distinct separation of the hair strands. This piecey haircut looks best on thick, smooth hair.   While not all hair types get excellent texture and separation, there are ways to enhance it with haircolor and specific hair styling products.  Highlighted hair brings out layer definition and enhances  hair texture […] Read More

Hairstyles for Oval Faces: Long Bangs and Long Layers

Most haircuts work well for oval-faced beauties, but hair that is too long disturbs the natural symmetry of an oval face.  How does one restore balance while creating a style that accentuates hair length? Long layered haircut with bangs   Hair and Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Hair stylist Marco Candela-Michelus brings back proportion to features with soft, long bangs […] Read More

Contour Hair and Your Best Features with Sun-Kissed Highlights

Hair contouring sculpts features and brightens eyes and skin tone   Balayage expert: Sandra Vasilescu Hair stylist: Crystal Lake Makeup artist: Yves de Leon […] Read More

How To Dress Up Your Short Pixie Haircut

Take Your Short Pixie Haircut To The Next Level With These Easy Tricks… Hair: Lau Gallico Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni Photography: Marco Candela Michelus You need a bendable hair paste that allows you to control hair shape and texture. Hair stylist Lau Gallico recommends Redken Rewind 06– Pliable Styling Paste.  Buy Redken Rewind Cream, 5 Ounce Apply a […] Read More

One Actor, One Hairstylist, Four Different Looks

Hair is a defining accessory and the most accessible way to change your look often.  A creative hairstylist will always be able to transform your appearance. A new hairstyle or a new hair shade can emphasize or subdue a particular feature, but more importantly your hair is a powerful personal expression. One photographer, one actor, […] Read More

Men With Long Hair: Androgynous Looks For The Fashion Forward Guy

Styling concept, hair and photography: Marco Candela Michelus Although Marco is a gifted hairstylist famous for his long-lasting hairstyles, bouncy blowouts and perfectly undone beach waves, his natural inclination leans towards fashion forward looks that often merge androgynous elements into them. His models, like him, have no inhibition conveying their personal expression, even when it threads […] Read More

The Perfect Gift For Every Mom: Let Lance Lappin Salon Pamper Your Mother With A Makeover

No gift is better than the gift of love, but the second best is… One Day Beauty Makeover At Lance Lappin Salon. Let us pamper your wonderful mother with a haircut, some highlights, or perhaps a  hair smoothing treatment.  How about some makeup?  One of our talented makeup artists will complete the makeover with a makeup […] Read More

Spring Into A New Hairstyle: Save 25% On All Smoothing and Haircolor Services When You…

Get a haircut. Get a new hair color, get a hair smoothing treatment, it’s ALL 25 % OFF for the next couple of weeks!   Save 25% on ALL hair smoothing treatments and ALL haircolor services when you get a haircut.  Offer valid for NEW CLIENTS OR EXISTING CLIENTS TRYING A NEW SMOOTHING OR COLOR […] Read More

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