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Asian Male Haircut by Marco Plus Best Hairstyling Products for Asian Men Hair

Thick Asian type of hair demands special attention and a skilled hairdresser like Marco Candela Michelus.  Asian hair is typically straight, dense with a very thick hair strand that tends to stick up and out if cut too short, or bulks without definition if it’s long, but not layered and texturized right.  To bring out […] Read More

Mousy Brown Hair Makeover: Shades Of Brown, A Sexy Long Hairstyle And Beautiful Makeup

Hair colorist: Sandra Vasilescu “Haircolor is one change easy to make.  Dare to do the opposite of what is expected of you. ~ Sandra” Shades Of Brown Mousy brown hair is a perfect canvas for haircolorists.  Most women with mousy hair tend to color their hair lighter, but Sandra took a different approach;  to draw […] Read More

Hair Deals Near You: Happy Hour Wednesdays 35% OFF ALL Services, Ends 3/29/17

For Him & Her: Hair deals every Wednesday throughout March at a hair salon near you in NYC! We are offering  35% OFF on ALL services every Wednesday between 11am-3pm until March 29th 2017.  Promotion valid for new clients or existing clients trying a new service. What can he get? If you are an existing client, this is […] Read More

The Secret Benefit to Highlighting Your Hair: How To Increase Hair volume For Men

Men’s Hair Trends In 2017 Are Bright And Bold! As far as men’s grooming goes, hair coloring is trending up, it’s no longer taboo and it’s not about the gray.  Men love hair texture and hair color adds texture! Lance Lappin Salon Creative Team Colorist: Sandra Vasilescu Hairstyle & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Take a […] Read More

Hair Deals At Lance Lappin Salon In NYC: February Cyber Mondays

Hair deals every Monday in February at hair salon in TriBeCa, NYC Every Monday between 11am-3pm  we are offering  40% OFF on ALL services.  Promotion valid for new clients or existing clients trying a new service. USE CODE: February Cyber Monday To redeem your promotion,  please use code February Cyber Mondays if you call our front desk […] Read More

Steal This Look: Michele’s Shiny Brown Hair Is a Perfect Balance between Haircut and Color

  We are already embracing the 2017 hair trends, but a luminous mane of brown hair infused with hand-painted highlights to complement a beautifully layered haircut is timeless and will make the top five of any hair trends list anytime! “I like to keep my hair long, but not boring.  I color my roots because I’m getting some […] Read More

Mens Smart Haircuts: Mickey’s Sexy And Cool Guys Hair Is The Most Requested Haircut in 2017!

Of the best mens haircuts we’ve seen in our salon, Mickey’s smart and sexy hairstyle  stands out. Designing the haircut First Step: Cutting the back and sides short After cutting the hair short on back and sides, Marco’s haircutting techniques, include shearing it repeatedly with his thinning scissors to create a soft, velvety finish.  Thinning the sides […] Read More

Learn about Rose Evansky: The Hairdresser Who Changed the Way We Style Hair

  “I’d been wandering past a barbershop in Brook Street around the corner from our salon in North Audley Street, and I saw the barber drying the front of a man’s hair with a brush and a hand-held dryer,” she told W magazine in 2012. “And this image — of the barber with the dryer […] Read More

Lance Lappin Salon Creations: Beautiful Haircuts, Best Hair Colors; Come and See for Yourself!

Modern Haircuts, Beautiful Haircolor at Lance Lappin Salon Our models are actual clients! With the New Year knocking at the door, everyone gets the urge to change their look.  Fastest way to do it is to jazz up your haircolor and get a suave new haircut.  Book your appointment with one of our great specialists, […] Read More

Hair Trends 2017: What Balayage and Rose Gold Brown Hair Color Have in Common?

Combine balayage with a rose gold gloss and get a sophisticated hue for brunettes and blondes alike! Browse below to see an interpretation of rose gold on medium brown hair color Lance Lappin Creative Team: Hairstyle and Color: Moni Yos and Sandra Vasilescu Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Rose gold tones complement all shades of brown […] Read More

Mixed Hair Types: A Girl With Very Cute Short Curly Hair

Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the curliest of them all?   If you have really curly hair, you know how hard it is to get a good haircut.  Hairstylists who understand curly hair and its challenges are hard to find. Come and meet Marco! He’s the stylist who gave  our model Gabriella such a […] Read More

Red Hair Shades: Show Off Your Mermaid Hair With Radiant Golden Copper

Red hair is temperamental with a ton of personality. It is perhaps, the one haircolor which should come with the “don’t try this at home” warning. What is the best haircolor for you? For many women, choosing a red haircolor sounds like a risky option.  Rest assured, red hair has a high-impact effect and is becoming […] Read More

Layered Haircut for Thick Hair And Long Side Swept Bangs For A Diamond Shaped Face

One of the most common requests from our clients for long layered hairstyles is to see distinct separation of the hair strands. This piecey haircut looks best on thick, smooth hair.   While not all hair types get excellent texture and separation, there are ways to enhance it with haircolor and specific hair styling products.  Highlighted hair brings out layer definition and enhances  hair texture […] Read More

Hairstyles for Oval Faces: Long Bangs and Long Layers

Most haircuts work well for oval-faced beauties, but hair that is too long disturbs the natural symmetry of an oval face.  How does one restore balance while creating a style that accentuates hair length? Long layered haircut with bangs   Hair and Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Hair stylist Marco Candela-Michelus brings back proportion to features with soft, long bangs […] Read More

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