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Red Hair Shades: Show Off Your Mermaid Hair With Radiant Golden Copper

Red hair is temperamental with a ton of personality.

It is perhaps, the one haircolor which should come with the “don’t try this at home” warning.

shades of red hair

What is the best haircolor for you?

For many women, choosing a red haircolor sounds like a risky option.  Rest assured, red hair has a high-impact effect and is becoming to many.  Red is a very reflective haircolor, therefore those who dare to wear it are rewarded with highly radiant locks.

There are many shades of red hair to suit most skin tones and eye colors.

red hair images

 Is red a good haircolor for brown eyes?

Red-gold, copper-red, copper-gold, red-bronze, auburn and red-chocolate are some of the hues to impart luminous hazel tones to light brown eyes and add mystery to brown ones.  Cool red hair shades are best for very dark brown eyes.

For her model, Aimee, hairsylist Crystal Lake picked a luxurious, earthy red infused with  gold and copper to embellish and lend amber hues to her hazel-brown eyes.

copper hair color

Crystal’s Makeup Tip:  Keep your makeup invisible and accentuate your eyebrows with glitzy eyeshadow.  Dazzle them all!

 Aimee wears Revlon Photoready Eye Art in Peach Prism.  


Hair color and skin tone

auburn hair color

A good haircolor will bring out the best in your skin tone.  For a neutral skin tone like Aimee’s, the level and tone of this warm red hair shade is very flattering.

red head_red-hair-color

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