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Short Hairstyle Pictures, This Season’s Must-Have Hair Color Trend, Plus Learn What It Takes To Get Pastel Hair

Spring 2014 Statement Hairstyle Is Pure Pastel

The color is light but the impact is strong.  If you fantasize about having pastel colored hair, go for it.  Pastels are having a big moment this year.

 Hair Color: Sandra Vasilescu

Style & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Makeup Artist: Dino Mastrogiovanni

Pastel colored hair


Below Are the Steps Involved in Changing Your Hair Color to the Perfect Pastel You Always Dreamed of Having:

  • First step:  Your hair must be blonde.  If you are blonde already, your colorist will apply the pastel hue of choice directly.
  • Most pastel hair colors are semi-permanent.  A semi-permanent color is different from a demi-permanent, or a permanent hair color.  We define a semi-permanent hair color as a pre-oxidized hair color that doesn’t need a catalyst to work.  In other words, a semi-permanent color stains only the outside layer of your hair, known as the cuticle layer.


Pro: Pastel colors are easy to remove and change when you’re ready for a different hair color.

Con: Pastel colors fade with each shampoo so the color needs to be re-applied often if you want to keep the hue vibrant.

pictures of pink hairstyles


If your hair is blonde already, your pastel hair will cost $100 to $125 per application.

If You Have Brown Hair, and Want Pastel Colored Hair…

  • If your natural hair color is light brown or lighter, you are a good candidate for blonde hair.
  • The finer the texture of your hair, the easier it will be to get the right hue.
  • Your hair colorist must use a lightening cream AKA  hair bleach.  Not to worry, lighteners today are high-tech and good hair salons don’t skimp on hair bleaching products of superior quality.
  • Depending on how strong your dark pigment is, the quality of your hair and/or whether your hair is colored or natural, your colorist might have to process/lighten your hair one to three times, before obtaining an even and desirable shade of blonde.
  • Pastel hair color is high maintenance and it’s easier to do and keep up when your hair is short.
  • Pastel hues always pair better with short hairstyles.
  • How bright your pastel color is depends on the shade of blonde you have.  A pale yellow shade of blonde will produce a pastel pink like this:


Pastel hair color requires maintenance and commitment.  For a root touch-up and to refresh/change your pastel shade, you must consider getting your hair done every three to five weeks.   You must consider your budget and time before embarking on a pastel hair journey.  Please note that the more diligent you are with this routine, the more predictable the results will be.


Hair color transformation:  Your cost will be anywhere between $350-$600, depending on how long the process will take, how much time and product your hair colorist will need to get the right pastel tone and how difficult the entire process will be.

Please note that we price this process based on hair that is at chin level or shorter;  this is the ideal length for perfect pastel hair color.

Maintenance touch-up: The right term for a root touch up and color refresh is called a double process.   If you stick to a hair routine of three to five weeks, the cost will be $200-$250.  Please take advantage of our pre-booking deal.  Pre-book before you leave our salon   and receive 10% OFF on your next hair appointment.  Your next service must be scheduled within 6 weeks.

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