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Show Off Your Hair: The Kind Of Silver Gray Hair Everyone Loves, Plus How To Transition To Gray

Wearing gray hair is part confidence, part good hair texture, part great haircut!

grey and silver hair

Some women love coloring their hair and the entire hair salon experience. They want it and they come to see us often.  We love it!

Some don’t envision themselves going gray.  Ever.  They visit us regularly and reluctantly.  We get it!

And some dare to go rogue and go gray.  They rock it!

Scroll below to get inspired by this gorgeous woman’s  gray hairstyle and learn how to grow out your gray!


Ivy Lappin, co-founder of Lance Lappin Salon in TriBeCa,  shares her experience with the transition to gray hair:

how to grow out gray hair

“I met Mary after she’d decided to grow out her hair color; her shoulder length dark brown hair had about two or three inches of regrowth.  Her natural color, a beautiful silver.  The halo of silver that surrounded her face made her pretty green eyes jump out.  I told her there really wasn’t an easy way to grow out color, but in her case it would be worth the effort.  To her credit Mary got up and left, returning months later when we were able to cut enough off to make a difference; I left enough length (with residual color) for her to feel like she had a funky cool look.  She never looked back and you can see why.”

haircut wavy hair round face

What kind of hairstyle goes well with gray?

Layers and volume are your friends!

One of the secrets to having a good head of gray hair is not only its natural color, but texture too.  A medium short haircut with compact and clean layers will minimize this type of hair’s tendency to look stringy.

transitioning to gray hair

 Curly or straight?

When in doubt, a curling iron to refine your curls will make your hairstyle look sophisticated.  Dry your hair completely.  If you are not in a rush, air-drying is the best for this kind of texture and look.

style for gray wavy hair

Pick random hair strands in top of your head and wrap them around the curling iron, from top to bottom.  To get a modern look, avoid curling the ends of your hair.  Run your fingers through to loosen your curls.  A good hair spray and a little serum for shine will finish this hairstyle.

layered medium short curly haircutHair by Ivy Lappin

Photography by Marco Candela Michelus

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