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Steal This Look: Michele’s Shiny Brown Hair Is a Perfect Balance between Haircut and Color

  We are already embracing the 2017 hair trends, but a luminous mane of brown hair infused with hand-painted highlights to complement a beautifully layered haircut is timeless and will make the top five of any hair trends list anytime!

“I like to keep my hair long, but not boring.  I color my roots because I’m getting some gray hair, but my haircolor looks dull and two weeks after coloring, it gets brassy.  How can I make my brown hair more interesting and keep it shiny and pretty? ~ Michele”

Medium brown hair with highlights - long layered haircut

Most important rule to remember is that healthy hair is shiny hair.

If you color your hair, use premium haircoloring dyes and don’t skimp on good hair care products.  It doesn’t make sense to spend money on costly hair coloring treatments if you don’t take the best care of your hair afterwards.  Add a deep conditioning treatment or a structuring treatment to every single process or highlighting treatment to strengthen and restore your locks.

Wash less, condition more.  Trim often to get rid of split ends, especially if you have weak, fragile hair strands and porous hair texture.  Always protect your hair with a primer before blowdrying.  If you straighten your hair often and you use the flat iron a lot, consider a keratin smoothing treatment to minimize mechanical hair damage and to eliminate the flat iron from your routine.


medium brown hair with highlights and long layers

Haircut:  A modern haircut shape with a soft, rounded frame.  Long, clean layers to add movement and bounce and to remove bulk from the bottom.  Just enough texture to keep hair playful, lush and voluminous.

Haircolor: Single process with premium,  ammonia-free, permanent haircolor INOA to cover the gray, followed by classic balayage highlights to accentuate the beauty of the haircut and add dimension.  Finished with a  high shine gloss to balance and eliminate any brassy tones and a stand-alone Olaplex treatment.

long layered hair

 For best results, our hairstylists recommend to add an Olaplex hair treatment with every coloring service.  To read more about Olaplex, click here.

long layered haircut-highlighted brown hair

Makeup by Talia Wright: 

An understated natural makeup with a light bronzy smokey eye, fresh skin and nude lips complete Michele’s look.  A wearable makeup that looks polished on every occasion throughout your day.

Lance Lappin creative team:

Cut and style: Karla Gore

Single Process and Balayage: Andra Vasilescu

Makeup Artist: Talia Wright

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Long hairstyle-Highlighted brown hair

Clothing: Sarah Pacini sweater, courtesy of A Uno Tribeca.

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