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The Prom Day Done Right, Volume 2: Stuff Guys Wear Plus One Hot Haircut

If you landed on this page looking for haircut ideas for guys, we applaud your intelligence and good taste.  This deep side-part haircut with closely groomed sides, it’s also known as The Undercut.   Marco Candela-Michelus crafted this timeless hairstyle inspired by old Hollywood glam and gave it his own interpretation.  It’s hot enough for a wedding or prom,  but this slick hairstyle is a classic and one of the hottest hair trends for 2014.

haircut pictures for men

Crafted and Photographed by Marco Candela-Michelus


Apply JS Sloane Mediumweight Brilliantine on towel-dried hair.  Layer it with a dollop of Davines Medium Hold Modeling Gel and combed it through into a side part.  Comb the front of your hair into a small wave.


hot haircut for men

Crafted and Photographed by Marco Candela-Michelus

A Guide to Basics and Cool Stuff Guys Need


If you need to rent a tuxedo for your prom…

We found a great website for you that makes renting a tuxedo an easy and pleasant experience.  No more going to the old tuxedo shop only to find pricey, poor quality, dated tuxedos.  Click here and rent a high quality tux for less.  What do we love the most about this website, besides their wide  range of classic and slim-fit tuxedos? They have FREE shipping, both ways.

What you should know about shirts and collars…

gingham dress shirt semi-spread

  • Get fitted to find out your true shirt size.

  • Always wear a shirt fitted to your body, even if you are not as slim as a model.  Over-sized shirts are not flattering and they emphasize bulk instead of hiding it.
  • This year is all about gingham and plaid dress shirts.
  • The collar that works with every kind of suit and every kind of tie is the semi-spread.
  • oxford shirtsWe dig the frays, the fades and the softness of a cotton oxford shirt as it ages. Every guy should own a few of these shirts.  Ditch the classic oxford shirt this summer for a short-sleeve vintage oxford with a slim fit for a modern twist.  Buy it from J Crew here if you wish.



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