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Things To Do In NYC: Let My Ears Be Open, A Poetry Reading By Elizabeth J. Coleman

Lance Lappin Salon cordially invites you to attend a poetry reading by Elizabeth Coleman

Tuesday, April 2, 6:30- 8:15 PM

Please help us celebrate the release of our good friend (and client) Elizabeth Coleman’s poetry collection, Let My Ears Be Open. We hope you’ll share in our pride in how Elizabeth, an attorney for most of her career, has reinvented herself later in life as a poet, guitarist, water-colorist and mindful meditation teacher. And, most of all, help us celebrate the potential in all of us to find what we most want to do at any stage of life, to go for it.

  • 6:30-7 PM mingle w/ snacks and wine
  • 7:00-7:30 PM poetry reading
  • 7:30-8:15 PM mingle w/ snacks and wine


poetry booksLet My Ears Be Open is Elizabeth Coleman’s second poetry collection, and her work has appeared in numerous poetry journals. A recent finalist for the University of Wisconsin Press’ Brittingham and Pollak prizes, Elizabeth has an MFA in Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Elizabeth is also an attorney and guitarist, and teaches mindful meditation in TriBeCa. In her poems, Elizabeth writes about New York, about life, about illness and death, but above all, about love, among family, among friends and among us all. To discover more about Elizabeth, please click on elizabethjcoleman.com and prostressmgmt.com.

“At the beginning of her compelling Let My Ears Be Open Elizabeth Coleman prays for only ‘one phrase played / perfectly,’ but delivers instead a magnificent symphony that gathers its notes from places like New York, France, and Africa, from family, and from current history. In other words, this is a terrific book whose music plays off against ‘the randomness of love,’ whether it be for an abandoned animal on the Serengeti, a homeless soul back home, or parents, children, and husband. What makes her music so powerful is the way all these disparate elements come together to also acknowledge the silences between notes, between poems and lines, in order to get at the unspoken, for language is a palimpsest, as she says, just as music is, and beneath it all are the truths of the heart that are sounded the way ‘trees write their secret message across the sky.’ And that indeed is a message that bears hearing.”
–Richard Jackson, Author of Half Lives: Petrarchan Poems


“There’s a wide geography of landscape and heart in these poems, moments of recognition and kindness between strangers, and a deep empathy that crosses borders. Elizabeth Coleman’s ears are indeed open—to music, to the grief of others, and to the wit and love that keep this world from freezing over. ‘Please give me one phrase played perfectly, just one,,’ she prays in the first poem. But this book answers back, ‘One? How about hundreds, each one generous, deep and sweet!”
–Betsy Sholl, Author of Rough Cradle

“Coleman´s poems cover a large spectrum but if I were to chose my favorites, narrow that range of glorious colors down, I would chose the poems about cancer in herself and in friends. They cut into the flesh so cleanly, you are only suddenly aware of the pain, the shrill thrill of it, the gut gouging fear, half way through.”
–Karen Swenson, Author of Landlady in Bangkok

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