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Unique Gift Ideas: Black And White Portraits By Marco Candela-Michelus

The portrait of my mother has been on my dad’s night table since I remember. She gave it to him as a present when they were dating. It shows her young and beautiful, the image which he fell in love with. Life together teaches how to love our changing appearance, but inside the mind that image of what we first loved still exists. I don’t think that any other item resisted for that long in our household, everything eventually got knocked off or bumped into, but that portrait survived in its original frame and now that my mother passed away, that photo is still there on my dad’s night table, making that feeling of love that sparked a lifetime still very alive and present. Little she knew when she gave him that present that it was going to make a part of her eternal.~ Marco C. Michelus

If you are looking for a unique gift idea for your loved ones, a black and white portrait is the perfect present that is both unique and personal.

unique gifts

The woman to the left is Marina Michelus-Sossi. She was a remarkable woman, mother and wife. The other two portraits: photographed by Marco Candela-Michelus

Let our team of talented hair stylists and makeup artists bring the best out of you for an unforgettable photo shoot with Marco.


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Hair, makeup and up to 10 digital photos: $375

Your portrait: timeless


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