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Vicky’s Hair Transformation: Images Of A Beautiful Long Bob Hairstyle

Remember Samson and Delilah?  We bet you can metaphorically relate to this biblical story if you ever had a bad hair day.  A poor hair experience is humbling and it instantly chips away at your confidence.

But here, at Lance Lappin Salon, we design great hairstyles and beautiful hair makeovers.

hair style image

Vicky’s Long Bob Haircut

mid length bob style with part in the middle

Styled and photographed by Marco Candela Michelus

Makeup by Moni Yos

The right hair makeover makes you feel sexy and strong.   An awesome style flatters and brings out your best features.  Like this beautiful long bob (a.k.a. LOB) haircut created by Marco.

 A mid length hairstyle is one example which shows that sexy hair doesn’t have to be super-long.  A good hair shape is more important.

long bob cut

A long, blunt bob hairstyle creates the feel and movement of long hair, with added benefits: it styles fast and it has versatility.

It is a perfect style for dense hair with thick hair strand and texture.

For this type of hair, Marco kept the periphery of the haircut blunt, and balanced the proportion between length and thickness by thinning the inside and underneath layer.

image of a long bob hairstyle

How To Best Style A Lob

Part it in the middle and keep it sleek for an edgy, sophisticated feel.  A  rich gloss will add to this luscious look.  Great for your first day at work.

middle part bob style

Add a texturizing spray to add volume and fluff this hairstyle for a playful bedhead look.  A sea salt spray works great.  Ideal for a night out in the Meatpacking District.

medium length bob

Create a deep side part and your hairstyle and face transform you instantly into the  pretty, sweet girl next door.  Great for a first date.

long bob cut-deep side part

We go as far as to say a good haircut makes you love yourself.  It makes your day, every day.

 So book your appointment now and let us work our magic!

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