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2015 Hair Trends For Men: Unconventional Hairstyles For Men With Beards

Men’s hairstyle trends generally show subtle changes from season to season.  However, a  memorable hair trend last year that will  carry on throughout 2015 is the beard movement

Hairstyles with beards are hair to stay!

Thus, hairstyles for men with beards got funkier.  Very few men dare to ask for platinum blond hair, but pair it with a full beard and no doubt, you’ll get a strong, daring look designed to attract a lot of attention.

Hair Color: Lau Gallico

Style & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

hairstyles for men with beards

When I saw Gabriel’s pitch black natural hair and full beard I became excited at the prospect of making him platinum blond.  The contrast of blond hair against his dark beard really creates an interesting dynamic.

~ Lau Gallico

hairstyles and beards

Hairstyles for men with beards need texture.  Keeping length on top for balance and creating a soft transition to merge hairstyle and beard is key. Make the most of your beard with the right haircut
~ Marco Candela Michelus

hairstyling products for menDAVINE’S Medium Hold Pliable Paste

To create a cool hairstyle and add more texture without making the hair look dry, use DAVINE’S Medium Hold Pliable Paste. Use your fingers and style it casually. No need to brush or blow dry. To try this versatile, unisex styling paste, click here


Any hair, including facial hair needs some TLC.  Keep your beard and the skin underneath moisturized and flake-free with some of our favorite beard oils:

Burroughs Beard Oil

beard oils

This oil is good for all skin-types.  Its masculine fragrance works well on a full beard.  The oil moisturizes both skin and facial hair.  Use it as a beard oil or as a cologne because it smells great!  Buy it here.

Captain Fawcett’s Beard Oil

beard oil for full beards

Refresh and moisturize both skin & facial hair.  You only need a few drops of Fawcett’ s Beard Oil.  Gently comb it through your beard after you wash it.  Buy it here.


Woodsman Beard Oil

beard oils
Formulated with safflower oil and with cedarwood, sandalwood, and pine needle oils, this beard oil reduces beard itch and prevents facial dandruff.  It is heavy, so a little goes a long way.  Buy it here.

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