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A Classic Hairstyle That Is A Hot Hair Trend For 2012: The Bob Haircut

To see another short bob hairstyle by Kiyo Koike, please click on the link Best Bob Haircuts.

bob haircut

HAIRCUT: Top hair stylist Kiyo Koike
MAKEUP ARTIST: Dino Sahascia Mastrogiovanni
PHOTOGRAPHY: Marco Candela-Michelus

best bob haircuts

The bob haircut has not been out of trend once since 1920s, when it has been established by avant-garde women who needed a feminine, but short hairstyle.

picture of bob haircut

Japanese hair stylist Kiyo Koike specializes in precision haircuts and Japanese hair straightening. He is particularly passionate about short bob haircuts.

angled bob hairstyles

Angled bob hairstyles are a HOT hair trend for 2012.
Book Japanese hair stylist Kiyo Koike for your precision haircut.

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