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Creative Hair: Short Layered Bob, Bangs and Manic Panic Blue on Brown Hair

Short layered bob haircuts are forever IN and ideal hairstyles for fine hair but... Our model is colleague and hairdresser Lau Gallico. Her hair's signature elements: short bangs and no ordinary color. Style & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Hair Color: Lau Gallico How does she do it? Pre-lightening hair to a light neutral blonde is […] Read More

Looking for the Perfect Blonde Shade? Try This Beige Blonde Hair Color to Spruce Up Your Look and Save Your Locks

New Hair Color Trends : Dark blonde hair mixed with pearly babylights for a beige blonde effect  Color & styling: Ivy Lappin Makeup artist: JV Galindo Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   Makeover, before and after pictures Model Before Hair Color Transformation They say blondes have more fun, but many blonde gals have similar complaints: hair often looks flat and […] Read More

A Regular Day In The Life Of Hair Stylists: Behind The Scenes Beauty

See what goes on behind the scenes when our hair stylists are at work: A rich, ammonia-free brown shade to add depth without straying too much from the original color.   Topped with hand-painted highlights to add dimension and extra-shine.  Dimensional color makes fine hair appear thicker. The highlights are well placed and won't create […] Read More

New Hair Color Trends: Why Is Neon Hair Color Better Than Pastel

 NEW HAIR TRENDS This season's beauty craze is all about new hair color trends and bold hairstyles.  Vivid neon hair color hues replace last year's pastels Haircut  & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Sunset Orange: Hair Stylist Crystal Lake Makeup Artist: JV Galindo   Hair stylist Crystal Lake took the trend to the next level with this Sunset Orange shade that she […] Read More

Mens Haircuts 2015: Fashion Trends, Useful Hair Products & The New Pompadour Hairstyle For Guys

 Useful Mens Hair Products, Fashion Trends plus Hair Styling Tips for the Pompadour Haircut Created & photographed by Marco Candela Michelus The modern Pompadour hairstyle is extra-long on top, and short on sides and back. Marco's latest interpretation of the pompadour hairstyle makes a bold fashion statement. With exaggerated length on top while back and sides […] Read More

Must-Have Looks: Men’s Fall Hair Trends And Men’s Hair Styling Products

The men’s trends revolution incorporates everything from hair and fashion to skin care. While hairstyles vary from long to short, the overall look of a guy’s style is unquestionably cleaner and functional with a touch of flair. Stand out from the crowd with a smart hairstyle.  Because one size doesn’t fit all, men are embracing […] Read More

How To Get Long Healthy Hair: Protect Your Hair’s Cuticle, Repair Damaged Hair

The coquettish long layered hair with sweetly side-swept bangs and bronze infused highlights accentuate our model's doe eyes and seductive plush lips with velvet finish.  But it's her long beautiful  healthy hair we all wish we had. Style & Color: Crystal Lake Makeup Artist: JV Galindo Photography: Marco Candele Michelus How Do You Get Your Hair Long […] Read More

Gorgeous Beachy Highlights For Mousy Hair

It's surprisingly easy to transform mousy hair into glossy, beautiful hair.  The secret lies in the hair color! Mousy hair is the perfect canvas for blonde highlights, luminous chestnut shades and spicy amber tones.  Ask your colorist what hair color suits you best. The Pictures Showcase What A Great Colorist Can Do: Maybe the closest you've been […] Read More

Marco’s Fine Hair Tips: Add Volume To Hair And Best Volumizing Hair Products

Straight, fine hair is naturally smooth and reflects light better than curly hair.  However, it often lacks volume.  Look natural or trendy with Marco's tips for fine hair and learn how to add more body and texture: After you shampoo your hair, spread conditioner on your finger tips.  Flip your head upside down, add conditioner to hair […] Read More

African-American Haircare: Tips And Must-Have Natural Hair Products

Every day, a significant number of  African-American women give up hair weaves and relaxers to embrace the beauty of their natural hair.  According to the consumer research group Mintel, the relaxer segment of the Black haircare category has suffered a staggering decline since 2008, as more and more women prefer to wear their hair natural. Nicole Parkinson […] Read More


Hair Treatments For Girls With Frizzy, Curly Or Dry Hair What makes Cezanne Keratin Treatment better than other smoothing treatments?   CEZANNE IS SAFE!!  IT IS FORMALDEHYDE FREE This keratin smoothing treatment makes your hair strong and lustrous, without the typical volume loss.  Go from sexy curls to straight hair and vice versa any time and […] Read More

Beauty Trends & Natural Makeup Looks: Hannah’s Makeover Pictures

Hannah's willingness to play around with her look, inspired our stylists and makeup artist to create this dramatic hair and makeup transformation.  Scroll down to see her journey: BEFORE... Hair stylist Crystal Lake planned Hannah’s new look, based on her hair texture.  She wanted to create an effortless  hairstyle, a boyish haircut with a touch […] Read More

Transitioning To Natural Hair: Natural Hair Tips From Stylist Nicole Parkinson

For decades now, African-American women tamed their temperamental, kinky curly locks into sleek, straight hairstyles.  But after years of chemical straighteners, ethnic women are tired of frazzled, battered locks with no personality.  Every day now, one more woman with relaxed hair decides to go back to natural. Unconventional celebrities like Grammy winner Esperanza Spalding, supermodel […] Read More

Meet The Girl With Blue Hair And Discover How To Style Short Sexy Hair

From pixies and crops to quiffs and shags, short hair is without a doubt a hot hair trend this year. Top models, celebrities and real women alike  have chopped their locks into fun, short haircuts. The girl with blue hair stands out, with shocking, head-turning color and lots of texture.  Avatar and Gina Lollobrigida inspire this  […] Read More

How To Get Beautiful Skin & Beauty Home Remedies From Our Makeup Artists

Soften in a snap with this compilation of simple and inexpensive beauty home remedies for dry skin: Grab the sea salt from your kitchen dispenser and bring it into the shower.  Rub salt on your body in circular motion with this Korean exfoliating bath scrub massage mitt.  This scrubbing mitt is easy on your skin, while […] Read More

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