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Bella Gioia’s Curls: Dino’s Tips And Favorite Curly Hair Products

Dino is the best hair stylist in NYC! ~ Gioia

We all want what we don’t have. Women with curly hair want straight hair, women with pin straight hair wish to have curls.  Sounds familiar?

Gioia, one of Dino’s regular clients, is no exception to the rule.  In addition to her typical hair routine consisting of regular haircuts, single process and balayage highlights, Gioia comes in for blowouts often.  She likes her curly mane sleek and straight.
One day, Dino put his foot down and decided to take Gioia back to her roots.  First, he dried her hair with a blow dryer set on low heat.  Then he accentuated her hair’s natural movement with the curling iron.  That’s how this photo shoot happened.

 Dino Mastrogiovanni with Gioia.
Photography: Marco Candela-Michelus

medium length layered curly hairstyle

NYC hair stylist Dino Sahasica Mastrogiovanni and bella Gioia.
Photography: Marco Candela-Michelus


Not all curls are made the same.  Some curls are coarse and unruly, other curls are weak and limp with little definition.  One of my favorite hair-line for curly hair is Davines.

Wash and condition your hair with LOVE CURL ENHANCING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER.  Find Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner Liter set with FREE pumps here or click below.

Towel dry gently and flip your head upside down to create volume and movement at the roots.  If you have curly, coarse and unruly hair like Gioia’s, apply DAVINE’s LOVE CURL CREAM starting from the ends and going up the hair shaft.  Keep it very light as you go closer to the scalp.  Layer it with DAVINE’s OI/ ALL IN ONE MILK to make your curls smooth and silky.

  Comb your hair softly with a very wide tooth comb.  Don’t forget that less is more.  Air dry naturally if you don’t own a hair diffuser.

Love your hair, love yourself.  Mamma Mia, Che Bella! ~ Dino

STYLING TIP: TOUCH YOUR HAIR AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.  Once in a while, spread your fingers and lift your hair at the roots without really touching the curls. To define and make your curls smooth looking, take random hair strands and wrap them gently around a curling iron, like I did with Gioia.  Finish with L’Oreal Texture Expert Infinium 3 hair spray.

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