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Caramel Highlights On Brown Hair: Low Maintenance Balayage For Brunettes

Highlights, when done right, look incredibly natural even on dark brown hair.  What is the secret? BALAYAGE!



Balayage is a free style highlighting technique.

brown hair with honey highlights

Balayage emphasizes layers and creates movement in a graceful way. Best part? Grow it out and it turns into the perfect ombre. The ombre hair trend is still strong.

medium brown hair with honey highlights

Because balayage highlights are painted at the surface of the hair and always start diffused at the roots, highlights fall delicately around the face and turn into strong ribbons of color towards mid-shaft and ends.

balayage image from Lance Lappin Salon

balayage hair color pictures

P.S. Our impromptu hair model is hair stylist Galina Moshkov. The balayage highlights we did on her locks months ago, have evolved into this gorgeous ombre. We couldn’t help but take some photos of her in between our hair appointments. 🙂

We have stylists  who specialize in the art of classic balayage.  Book your appointment online or call us at:



Hair color by Sandra Vasilescu.  Check out her profile here

  Click here to see how Sandra changed Galina’s hair color for the fall.


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