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Marco’s Fine Hair Tips: Add Volume To Hair And Best Volumizing Hair Products

Straight, fine hair is naturally smooth and reflects light better than curly hair.  However, it often lacks volume.  Look natural or trendy with Marco's tips for fine hair and learn how to add more body and texture: After you shampoo your hair, spread conditioner on your finger tips.  Flip your head upside down, add conditioner to hair […] Read More

Consumer Reports Tests Best Products To Cover Gray Hair

Consumer Reports tests gray hair touch up products   And the winners are... Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Pen  The panelists particularly liked  Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up priced at $23.00.  It is available in a range of colors and easy to apply.  It temporarily masks roots until the next time you shampoo your hair.  The test […] Read More

Best Organic Products For Dry, Damaged Hair & Skin Care Hair Stylists ♥

The winter is taking a toll on your skin and hair. You tried conditioners, hair masks, moisturizers and even high-end Sephora products, but nothing seems to work. Your lips are chapped, you have alligator skin and your locks look frail. While any honest hair stylist will tell you that nothing fixes split, dry ends other […] Read More

How is henna made and why it’s really bad for your hair

Henna is a plant cultivated in India, Sri Lanka and North Africa. Their leaves (only leaves) contain the active dye lawsone, a red-orange dye. To make henna dye, leaves are dried, powdered and mixed with oil or water. That red-orange henna is the only natural henna, a natural hair dye. That's the good news. People […] Read More

Hair stylists pick: Best haircare regimen for aging hair

Time Reset by Redken. This haircare line is loaded with peptides and ceramides (to repair the surface of the hair fiber). It also boasts Intra-Cylane® - a silicone molecule that repairs porous hair by expanding into a 3-D network which enhances strand resilience from the inside out. Other ingredients include green tea (known to have […] Read More