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Men With Good Hair: Haircuts For Gents With Longer Hair

The secret to a great longer haircut is weight distribution.  Too much hair at the back or too little, ruins its sexy man feel.  You know Marco got this cut right, when you see how good this guy’s hair looks from every angle.  Hair & Photography:  Marco Candela Michelus How to style Start with HydroHair. This […] Read more

Grooming Matters: Guys With Curly Hair

Men Curly Hairstyles: A Grooming Guide Hair & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   Yup, men have bad hair days too.  Creating a groomed, yet stylish hairstyle for a guy with curly hair is not always an easy task.  Here are some essential grooming tips from Marco:   Go To A Stylist, Not A Barber Barbers […] Read more

Mens Hair Styles: Teen Boys Haircuts We Love

Teen Boy Haircut Hair & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus   […] Read more

Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair And Must-Have Grooming Products

Hair And Photography: Marco Candela Michelus To create a wet effect hairstyle, apply Davines strong hold hair gel on to wet hair and comb into place. Create a deep-side part for a sexy masculine look.     MENS MUST-HAVE HAIR GROOMING PRODUCTS JACK BLACK DOUBLE HEADER SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER This 2-in-1 sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner removes product […] Read more

Mens Short Hairstyles: Daring Gradient Green Hair Color By Lau Gallico

Styling And Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Hair Color: Lau Gallico Our artistic hair stylists, Marco Candela Michelus and Lau Gallico, teamed up once again and delivered a creative mens short hairstyle with a bold gradient green, pastel hair color.  Leave it to Lau to come up with fresh and interesting colors. We dig it, how […] Read more

Guys With Cool Haircuts Going Blonde: What You Need To Know

2015 Hair trends for men call for texture. Create a masculine, rebellious look so cool that you’ll get more attention than a puppy. How To Make Your Haircut Stand Out The millennial generation is having a big impact on the fashion and hair trends.  Guys in their 20s and 30s are becoming more fashion-forward and more […] Read more

Popular Hairstyles For Men: The Textured Crop Haircut By Crystal Lake

Hairstyle: Crystal Lake Photography: Marco Candela Michelus If you’d like a chiseled yet edgier haircut, Crystal Lake recommends the Textured Crop, a hairstyle designed to suit the lifestyle of the modern man. The cropped haircut always makes it on the list of popular mens hairstyles for its low-maintenance and less conservative feel.  The latest cropped haircut […] Read more

2015 Hair Trends For Men: Unconventional Hairstyles For Men With Beards

Men’s hairstyle trends generally show subtle changes from season to season.  However, a  memorable hair trend last year that will  carry on throughout 2015 is the beard movement.  Hairstyles with beards are hair to stay! Thus, hairstyles for men with beards got funkier.  Very few men dare to ask for platinum blond hair, but pair it […] Read more

Mens Haircuts 2015: Fashion Trends, Useful Hair Products & The New Pompadour Hairstyle For Guys

 Useful Mens Hair Products, Fashion Trends plus Hair Styling Tips for the Pompadour Haircut Created & photographed by Marco Candela Michelus The modern Pompadour hairstyle is extra-long on top, and short on sides and back. Marco’s latest interpretation of the pompadour hairstyle makes a bold fashion statement. With exaggerated length on top while back and sides […] Read more

Must-Have Looks: Men’s Fall Hair Trends And Men’s Hair Styling Products

The men’s trends revolution incorporates everything from hair and fashion to skin care. While hairstyles vary from long to short, the overall look of a guy’s style is unquestionably cleaner and functional with a touch of flair. Stand out from the crowd with a smart hairstyle.  Because one size doesn’t fit all, men are embracing […] Read more

Men Haircuts Styles: The Modern Cropped Haircut

The Modern Cropped Haircut The cropped haircut just had a makeover.  This modern crop adaptation gets an edgy feel with its longer top than the original version which is same length all over.  It is a low-maintenance hairstyle for any man.  Style your new haircut matte, or add some hair wax to make it shiny. […] Read more

The Prom Day Done Right, Volume 2: Stuff Guys Wear Plus One Hot Haircut

If you landed on this page looking for haircut ideas for guys, we applaud your intelligence and good taste.  This deep side-part haircut with closely groomed sides, it’s also known as The Undercut.   Marco Candela-Michelus crafted this timeless hairstyle inspired by old Hollywood glam and gave it his own interpretation.  It’s hot enough for a […] Read more

Hair Products For Men, Men Hairstyles And Curly Hair Tips

  What makes hair curly or straight?     Hair follicles are tiny tubular  structures that position the hair fiber up and out of your scalp and are responsible for the shape of your hair.   Some tubes are circular and generate straight hair;   others are oval and produce curly hair. Typically, curly hair is […] Read more

Men’s 2012 Hairstyles: Fun And Professional Haircuts For Men

Hair stylist Marco Candela-Michelus takes the good-boy edge off this haircut by leaving the top just a little longer and adding texture.   Tailor your haircut to take you from the office to the bar, with quick-to-create peaked, matte, structured, or a perfectly groomed hairstyle […] Read more