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Mens Hairstyles For 2015: Get Inspired With These Pictures Of Short Haircuts Plus Best Products To Sculpt Your Hair

Mens Short Hair  & Popular Beard Styles Hair and Photography:  Marco Candela Michelus Facial Hair Styles Pictures Sculpted Hair And Beard Styles Scroll down to check out the best hair products to sculpt your hair This is an adaptable paste with invisible effect.  It has medium hold and allows you to sculpt and create your […] Read More

New Hair Color Trends: Why Is Neon Hair Color Better Than Pastel

 NEW HAIR TRENDS This season's beauty craze is all about new hair color trends and bold hairstyles.  Vivid neon hair color hues replace last year's pastels Haircut  & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Sunset Orange: Hair Stylist Crystal Lake Makeup Artist: JV Galindo   Hair stylist Crystal Lake took the trend to the next level with this Sunset Orange shade that she […] Read More

How To Dress Up Your Short Pixie Haircut

Take Your Short Pixie Haircut To The Next Level With These Easy Tricks... Hair: Lau Gallico Makeup: Dino Mastrogiovanni Photography: Marco Candela Michelus You need a bendable hair paste that allows you to control hair shape and texture. Hair stylist Lau Gallico recommends Redken Rewind 06- Pliable Styling Paste.  Buy Redken Rewind Cream, 5 Ounce Apply a […] Read More

Best Short Hairstyles: The Short N Shaggy Haircut

Move Over Pixie, The Short N Shaggy Haircut Is Here And You'll Love It! Hair & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus Makeup Artist: JV Galindo Pixies are having a big moment now.  If you are in the short hair club, you know that the shorter your haircut is, the higher the maintenance.  To keep up the […] Read More

Beauty Over 50, Part 2: The Pursuit Of Beautiful, Healthy Skin And Smart Skincare Tips From Makeup Artists

We asked our makeup artists Dino Mastrogiovanni and JV Galindo to share their useful skincare tips and must-have face products: AVOID SUN, SMOKE, SUGAR:  They hinder collagen production, dehydrate and cause premature elastin degradation DON'T BANISH FAT & PROTEIN: Not enough protein in your diet contributes to poor muscle tone, bad skin and brittle hair […] Read More


GLOSS BOOST: $50 Glam up dull color with a sheer gloss service.  Gorgeous shine in minutes with zero commitment.  Grab this deal while it lasts for HALF the price during the Holiday season ONLY! Please note that this service is an express service and does not include our blowout deal that usually applies to color […] Read More

Get Your Tresses Ready For The Summer Heat With These Easy Beauty Tips

Do you want healthy, smooth, beautiful hair this summer? Looking to keep your locks moisturized without going to the salon for the deep-conditioning treatments?   “Hairs” the information you’ve been looking for.  Just follow this simple hair routine, before you hit the beach […] Read More