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Creative Hair: Short Layered Bob, Bangs and Manic Panic Blue on Brown Hair

Short layered bob haircuts are forever IN and ideal hairstyles for fine hair but…

when you pair yours with daring hues, this classic hairstyle turns super-sexy!

Our model is colleague and hairdresser Lau Gallico. Her hair’s signature elements: short bangs and no ordinary color.

Style & Photography: Marco Candela Michelus

Hair Color: Lau Gallico

short bob hairstyle

How does she do it?
Pre-lightening hair to a light neutral blonde is the only way to get any bright, neon and pastel shades.  It is NOT a do-it-at-home type of hair color.  Better leave this process to professional hair stylists or you might be sorry you didn’t!

Once hair has the right shade of blonde, no tones are off-limits.  Color type of choice is semi-permanent, highly pigmented and super-glossy. Lau explores an array of hues that range from light to dark.  Lighter shades and pastels in the beginning.  Later on, as her hair grows out, color choices become more vibrant and darker because they blend in better with her outgrown roots.  For for this photo shoot, she mixes her own secret recipe, a blend of Manic Panic blues.  Who knows what color she’ll try next…

Short bob haircut

Her beautifully tousled hair deserves equal attention.  Hair stylist Marco Candela Michelus demonstrates how versatile her bob haircut is.  Many people with straight hair don’t realize how much personality their hair has until they get some layers. Pick up a curling iron, add a little product and you have a brand new look each time.  No time or skill to style your hair?  No problem.  Just dry your hair upside down, add some sea salt spray and fluff.  It works every time!


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