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Dream Catchers Hair Extensions And Balayage Highlights In NYC

Wish you had long, thick, gorgeous hair? Why not try the world’s best hair extensions, DREAM CATCHERS?

Professional Hair Extensions

Our beautiful guest, who gracefully allowed us to photograph her and post her photos on our blog, used to have long, blonde hair. A visit to another hair salon turned her hair into a disaster.  She desperately sought our help, and we were happy to do it.
Hair extensions specialist Nicole Parkinson and balayage artist Sandra Vasilescu teamed up for a hair color correction and DREAM CATCHERS hair extensions. Together they re-created her previous look.

How are DREAM CATCHERS hair extensions different from other types of extensions?

  • Other hair extensions use glues and waxes which can damage your own hair. DREAM CATCHERS use a unique “cold cylinder” attachment system that is gentle on your own hair.
  • Other extensions have to be regularly replaced. You need a big budget! DREAM CATCHERS are re-usable so you only have to pay for adjustments, NOT for new extensions.
  • DREAM CATCHERS hair extensions are made from the best 100% Natural Hair available.
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