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Get Your Tresses Ready For The Summer Heat With These Easy Beauty Tips

Do you want healthy, smooth, beautiful hair this summer? Looking to keep your locks moisturized without going to the salon for the deep-conditioning treatments?   “Hairs” the information you’ve been looking for.  Just follow this simple hair routine, before you hit the beach.

For Frizz-Free Hair…

  • For frizz-free, glossy locks, get a keratin treatment.  Hair smoothing treatments add extra protein to the hair’s cuticle, making it smooth and shiny.  A keratin treatment eliminates frizz from your hair and shortens your blowout time by an average of fifty percent.   Plus if you decide to ditch the blow dryer for the summer, your tresses will still look soft and glossy.

Ditch Your Hairstyling Tools…

  • Give your hair a break from any hairstyling tools.  Braids in the summertime are chic and easy.  Try the triple braid.  It looks very stylish, but it’s very simple to do.  Check Gina Michele’s page for some easy braids tutorials here.
hair tutorials

Click on the picture to see some chic and easy braids tutorials on Gina Michele’s page.

Don’t Over-Process Your Hair…

  • Sweltering sunny days are not good for over-processed hair, but we understand a girl needs some highlights.  With balayage you don’t need to over-do it.  Despite all  dip-dye jobs gone wrong we’ve seen in the past few years, classic  balayage is here to stay.  The hot trend this season is balayage highlights that are soft and delicate at the roots, face-framing and slowly get thicker toward the ends.  To stay true to the balayage effect, we prefer to create highlights on the outer layer of the hair, where the sun would naturally highlight.  There shouldn’t be any highlights at the nape of your neck, because the sun never highlights your hair in that area.
balayage hair color for brunettes

Blush balayage highlights by Sandra Vasilescu

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

  • Switch to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  It will not only protect your keratin treatment, but sulfate-free hair products are gentler than usual shampoos and don’t dry out your hair.  You can find many shampoos that are made without sulfate and silicone and they offer a rich lather for a clean feel.

 Three Sulfate-Free Brands With A Delicious Smell We Love :

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