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Gorgeous Beachy Highlights For Mousy Hair

It’s surprisingly easy to transform mousy hair into glossy, beautiful hair.  The secret lies in the hair color!

Mousy hair is the perfect canvas for blonde highlights, luminous chestnut shades and spicy amber tones.  Ask your colorist what hair color suits you best.

The Pictures Showcase What A Great Colorist Can Do:

pictures of blonde highlights

Haircut and Balayage: Galina Moshkov

Maybe the closest you’ve been to surfing is when you sat in Galina’s chair for balayage.  She accentuates piecey layers with beachy highlights painted so skillfully that you forget you weren’t born with them.


Image of blonde Balayage highlights

Hairstyle and Hair Color: Galina Moshkov

TIP:  The best way to add volume and counteract oily hair is to color your hair with a permanent hair color or get highlights with traditional highlighting creams.


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