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Guys With Cool Haircuts Going Blonde: What You Need To Know

2015 Hair trends for men call for texture. Create a masculine, rebellious look so cool that you’ll get more attention than a puppy.

How To Make Your Haircut Stand Out

The millennial generation is having a big impact on the fashion and hair trends.  Guys in their 20s and 30s are becoming more fashion-forward and more aware of new hair styles and are not afraid to try them.  Stand out in the crowd with badass platinum blonde hair!

Hair Color & Style: Dino Mastrogiovanni

cool guy haircuts

What You Need To Know

Going Blonde Hurts a Little

  • Men have strong pigment, so your colorist will most likely need to do two to three lightening applications to get it this blonde.  Expect some stinging and burning sensation.

Being Blonde Is Pricey

  • Being blonde is high maintenance.  For a consistent blonde tone you must revisit your hair colorist regularly EVERY 3-5 weeks for a root touch-up.

Going Blonde Adds Texture And Body To Your Hair

  • Getting hair color and especially blonde adds fullness to hair and makes scalp less oily.  It will work perfect with bed heads and textured hairstyles.

Being Blonde Is Fun

  • Platinum blonde enhances a good haircut.  Expect a ton of attention, it’s worth it!

 Recommended Hair Styling Products

American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Cream Hair Styling Cream

men hair styling products to add texture

Try American Crew Fiber Pliable Molding Cream here

L’Oreal Professionnel Homme Force 3 Sculpte

cool hairstyle for guys

Try L’Oreal Sculpting Fibre here

 Shampoos and Conditioners

Need Fuller Hair?  Try Redken For Men Full Impact Bodifying And Thickening Shampoo

full impact bodifying and thickening shampoo

Thick-Lift Technology with patented Intra-Cylene and protein makes your hair fuller-looking.  Buy it here

Washing your hair everyday? Try Redken For Men Go Clean Daily Care Moisturizing Shampoo

best shampoos for men
This gentle-enough to wash everyday shampoo removes build-up and has protein and glycerin to strengthen hair and it’s perfect for all types of hair including chemically processed hair.  Buy it here


Need a conditioner? Try Redken For Men Finish Up Daily Weightless Conditioner

conditioners for men that don't weigh hair down

You can use this conditioner to add moisture and you can use it daily without weighing your hair down.  Buy it here

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