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Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair & Makeup Pictures Of Chaley Rose

What sets Lance Lappin apart from other top hair salons in NYC, besides longevity, dedication and integrity?  Creativity.

Natural african-american hairstyle

Haircut & Color: Ivy Lappin
Style: Dino Mastrogiovanni
Makeup & Photography: JV Galindo

Natural african-american hairstyle

Natural hairstyle that accentuates curls and volume.

Kinky curly hairstyle_african-american hairstyles
Yes, we know our model is naturally gorgeous.  She is blessed with thick, naturally curly hair and a beautiful face.  Even though our stylists’ job seemed easy, “the less is more” approach is never a simple task.

Best airbrush makeup artist in NYC_JV Galindo
However, the aim of the photo shoot was simple: keep it real.  Owner and co-founder Ivy Lappin‘s concept for this hair and makeup photo shoot involved minimal hair color, “follow the hair texture” haircut and natural makeup.

Curly hairstyles_best stylists NYC

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