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How To Control Frizzy Curly Hair

Help me solve my hair dilemma! My hair is naturally wavy and incredibly thick (native american), and is prone to some serious frizz. I blow dry and flat iron every day, my hair isn’t damaged, but even with a flat iron, it still looks poofy/frizzy at bottoms. I use Redken All-Soft and a Redken shine serum. How can I control my frizzy hair??

What causes frizzy hair?

How to control frizzy hair

Hair is made of lipids, water and a protein called keratin. Keratin is responsible for hair structure and integrity. Any changes in these elements can influence the quality of your hair. When it’s humid outside, dry or porous hair absorbs the water in the air which affects the balance between keratin proteins and causes hair to frizz.

Therefore, one of the most important things you can do is to moisturize your hair really well.

Wavy and curly hair are prone to frizz. Mechanical distress such as flat ironing and blow drying excessively will also cause damage and dryness. If your hair still looks “poofy” at the ends, your  hair is damaged. It’s best to get a haircut and get rid of the split ends.  The longer you keep your hair in this condition, the frizzier it will become.

You should also consider a keratin smoothing treatment.

What are the benefits of a keratin smoothing treatment?

If done properly, the treatment will eliminate the frizz and your hair will be shiny, and easy to manage. You will see a huge improvement in the texture of your hair as well. The blow dry time will also be reduced significantly and you will be able to drop the flat-iron from your routine.

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