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Balayage Hair: How To Decide If Balayage Is For You

“… I adore the balayage highlights and my hair looks so good. I’m beyond happy with it.”


Welcome to the Balayage Information Station.  Here you will learn the difference between Balayage highlights and traditional highlights. You will also discover what Balayage is all about and if it’s the right choice for you and your hair.

How Is Balayage Different Than Traditionally Highlighted Hair?

Balayage is a freestyle hair highlighting technique that was developed in the 1970s in France.    Your colorist will choose specific hair strands and hand-paint their surface with a sweeping motion, strand by strand, without using foils.

Traditionally highlighted hair is designed differently.  Your colorist will separate hair sections and weave through, selecting fine strands of hair, apply color and fold them in foils.  The more strands you fold, the more highlights you’ll have.  This technique usually creates more color symmetry from roots to end.


Hair salons Tribeca: pictures of real people with balayage

Our model went through a hair color correction. After we fixed it, we applied a beautiful chestnut-brown hair color and painted balayage highlights.  She was very happy with the outcome and so were we.

What To Expect When You Get Balayage

Dark brown hair color ideas

Tip of the week: Grow out your balayage into a beautiful ombre.  Click here to see more pictures.

  • Balayage highlights create accents of color that are lighter than your base color and mimic the sun-kissed look of natural highlights.


  • Balayage highlights are more spread apart, than traditional highlights.  They start fine and diffused at the roots and unfold into soft or bold ribbons of color that stand out, yet they have natural dimension.


  • Since your colorist paints these highlights very delicately at the root area expect a softer line of demarcation as your hair grows out, but also expect that your roots will look darker with less color definition.


  • As your hair grows out, the soft line of demarcation between your roots and your balayage allows an extended time between hair color appointments.


  • Balayage is always a low maintenance color, but remember: we tailor your balayage hair color to your taste and requests.  The more highlights you want, the higher the maintenance becomes.


  • For best balayage results, colorists use one to two colors maximum and make sure to leave the interior of the hair natural.  The rule of thumb for balayage is to keep it simple.


  • We design balayage to emphasize your  hairstyle and create movement and dimension, without altering the overall natural base color.


  •  Balayage is good for all types of hair, it looks best on hair that is long and wavy.  Hairstyles below the shoulders with long layers and generally flowing hairstyles will look best with this highlighting technique.


  • If you have the lightest shade of brown hair or lighter, expect to visit your hair salon four times a year.

Shades of Blonde

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  • If you have light to dark brown hair, expect to visit your hair salon twice a year.

balayage hair_ombre

Highlights, if done right, can be incredibly beautiful on brunettes as well.
What is the secret? BALAYAGE!
Balayage highlights aka free style, hand-painted highlights.

Brown hair balayage: Balayage for brunettes looks best when highlights start very diffused at the roots.

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