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How To Get Beautiful Hair in 2013: Ten Bad Hair Habits And Healthy Hair Tips

If you are looking for healthy hair tips, keep reading. We don’t particularly believe one should wait for the New Year to set goals. However, the beginning of a new year is a good time to reevaluate your habits and get rid of the bad ones. If one of your goals is to get beautiful hair in 2013, make sure to read ten bad hair habits that can prevent you from having the best hair you can.  And, yes, the fake blonde complex is on the list, so reading this now instead of later is a first step in the right direction to having healthy, beautiful hair in 2013.

1)Fake Blonde Complex

Even though you may look very blonde to everyone else, it never looks blonde enough to you.  You are  changing hair salons all the time, because you are never satisfied with how blonde your hair is.  You are  always asking your hair colorist for more blonde.  As a result of your futile efforts, your hair is damaged, over-processed and has lost its luster.  To add insult to injury, you are spending a fortune, since your roots never stop growing.  STOP NOW!  If your hair is unhealthy and has lost its integrity, spending tons of $$ to make it blonde defeats the purpose.  It won’t look good, no matter how blonde it is.
Instead, focus on making your hair healthy again and remember this: without the dark, there is no light and no haircolor looks right on damaged hair.

2) Using Inappropriate Shampoo & Conditioner

One size does not fit all. One of the worst things for the hair is to use inappropriate shampoo and conditioner.  If you were prone to acne, you would use a skin care cream that prevents breakouts (we hope), right?  Same rule applies to hair.  For example, if your hair is porous, you should use a shampoo for porous hair. Talk to your hair stylist about your hair concerns and let him/her customize the best hair care for you.

3) Washing Your Hair Every Day

You’ve surely heard this before, but washing your hair every day does not promote beautiful hair. Hair is just not meant to be washed that often.  However, we understand you like your hair clean.  So why don’t you use a dry shampoo instead? Start with small increments and use dry shampoo every other day. Set a goal to wash your hair every 3rd day and your hair will improve.
Our hair stylists love Fresh Dust Dry Shampoo by  L’Oreal.

4) Not Enough Protein In Your Diet

You must’ve heard of the famous expression “you are what you eat”.  Not enough protein in your diet affects not only your weight and muscle tone, but also your skin and hair.  Protein keeps hair healthy and strong.  Strong hair grows long and beautiful.
Eat lots of salmon for plenty protein and Omega-3 intake and your hair will shine.  Literally.

5) Over-Processed Hair

Too much of anything is not good.  If your hair routine consists of a single process, you should do a touch-up every 4-6 weeks.  If you are getting hair highlights and are  visiting your hair salon at the same interval as if you were getting a single process, you may expose your hair to over-processing.  Switch to balayage instead.  This hair highlighting technique also known as free style hair painting not only creates  more natural looking highlights, but it also extends the life span of your hair color by at least 4 more weeks. When it comes to hair highlights, less is more.

6) Not Enough Haircuts

Not cutting your hair enough can actually prevent your hair from getting long. Do yourself a favor and get rid of your split ends regularly.  Even if you are growing out your hair, getting a trim every 6 weeks, will not only stimulate hair growth, but also keep it in top shape.  Skimping on haircuts is a bad habit you must ditch immediately!  Please take advantage of our pre-booking offer. You will receive 10% OFF on your next hair appointment if you pre-book before you leave our salon. Your next service must be scheduled within 6 weeks.

7) Dated Hairstyle

If you are still sporting the same hairstyle from 20 years ago, unless your hairstyle is classic, you are in trouble.  Dated hair makes you look….well, dated.  Regardless of the style, it’s time for an update.  Change is good.  Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to change your look.  A fresh haircut or new hair color make a difference, not to mention it’s the easiest, most affordable way to change the way you look.

8) Box Color

Nobody likes the black shoe polish effect, a common problem when coloring your own hair. If you are a kitchen beautician and color your hair with drugstore products, that is a bad hair habit indeed.  We don’t want to sound biased, but more often than not, unless your hair has perfect texture, box color ends up looking flat, uneven and unflattering.  We do more box color corrections than we care to.  Color corrections are expensive and time-consuming.  The most important elements of the hair coloring process is your own hair texture and the application.  Proper color application ensures beautiful and even color. Think of hair color as baking. Baking is more precise than cooking and precise measurements are crucial to the recipe’s success. Please refrain from coloring your hair at home.   It’s time you start treating your hair with the utmost respect.  Your locks will thank you.

9)  Too Much Ammonia

Ammonia has been a crucial ingredient in hair color for a long time.  But let’s face it, ammonia is not great for every hair type.  If your hair doesn’t feel healthy, if it has a tendency to be porous, or your color fades more than normal, ammonia might be the culprit.  Time to switch to ammonia-free hair color.  Ask your colorist about INOA, a permanent, ammonia-free, oil based haircolor, our NUMBER ONE favorite color brand. Think of INOA as the Chanel of haircolor. And, if you didn’t know, INOA has the the best brunette color shades.
P.S. Ammonia-free hair highlighting products are nowadays available as well. Book a free color consultation with our top colorists to see if you are a good candidate for MAJIMECHE, a wonderful product and ammonia-free highlighting cream.

10) Not Enough Dry Hair Treatments

Every hair type needs a dry hair treatment now and then, especially during summer and winter.  Ideally, you should get a deep conditioning treatment 1-2 times per hot/cold season.  Ask your hair stylist to analyze and customize a conditioning treatment suited for your hair needs.
 Hot Tip: You can also do it yourself at home.  Our top hair stylists would like to share their beauty secret with you. To read about it, please click on the link Best organic products for dry, damaged hair & skin care hair stylists ♥.



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