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How To Get Beautiful Skin & Beauty Home Remedies From Our Makeup Artists

Soften in a snap with this compilation of simple and inexpensive beauty home remedies for dry skin:

Exfoliating Bath Scrub Massage Mitt 100% Viscos Body Washcloth

Feeling Rough?  Sea Salt To The Rescue

Grab the sea salt from your kitchen dispenser and bring it into the shower.  Rub salt on your body in circular motion with this Korean exfoliating bath scrub massage mitt.  This scrubbing mitt is easy on your skin, while it improves blood circulation and demolishes dead cells.  Pair it with sea salt and the combination will remove dry, flaky skin.  Salt opens your pores and prepares your skin to absorb moisturizer.  Walk into your local Korean nail salon to get this mitt, or scroll below to buy it from Amazon.com.

Home Beauty Remedies for SkinMoisturize With Coconut Oil

While your body is still damp from your shower, apply coconut oil from the head to toe.   As you know, coconut oil is a solid oil, but once it makes contact with your skin, it melts easily.  Coconut oil, with its anti-aging properties, makes an exceptional skin moisturizer.


 18_milkandhoney_lgMake Your Skin Glow

Polish off dull skin with Cleopatra’s famous instant radiance skin remedy.  It is said that she bathed in milk and honey daily to keep her skin supple and youthful.   Add a few cups of milk to your bath water and a half a cup of honey and soak in it for 30 minutes.  Milk has lactic acid, which will soften and remove your skin’s dead cells, revealing softer, smoother, more elastic skin.  Whole milk is better than low-fat milk.  Honey is a healing agent, a potent moisturizer and it has stunning anti-aging, as well as anti-bacterial properties.  Make sure the honey is unadulterated and unfiltered.


 puffy eyes remediesRejuvenate Your Tired, Swollen Eyes with Chamomile

What do you do when you wake up with swollen, puffy eyes?  Soak two chamomile tea bags in hot water.  Let them cool off and put them in the freezer for ten minutes.  Place them over your eyes and start meditating.  Chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with puffy eyes.  Refrain from using it if you are allergic to flowers like chrysanthemums, daisies and marigolds, as the chamomile is in the same plant family and can cause an  allergic reaction if you use it topically or internally.


how to alleviate red eyesAlleviate Red Eyes and Dark Circles With Potatoes

French fries aren’t great for your waist line, but potatoes are rich in starch and starch is outstanding at soothing red, irritated eyes, as well as diminishing dark circles.  Place cooled raw, potato slices on your eyes for fifteen minutes and let them work their magic.


Dry Skin RemedyHomemade Body Scrub: Coconut Oil & Sea Salt Face And Body Polish

Exfoliate and moisturize simultaneously with this homemade body polish.  Mix one part coconut oil to two parts sea salt.  It will be easier to mix these two ingredients if the coconut oil is liquid.  Put the coconut oil in a dish and submerge the bottom of the dish in hot water for a minute.  After the oil is in its liquid form, add the sea salt and mix them together with a chopstick.  If you want to exfoliate your face, use fine sea salt and ditch the mitt.  Scrub your face gently with your fingers in a spiral motion.  Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips as well.


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    thanks, nice homemade beauty tips. I have a very dry and glow less skin therefore your tips you have posted surly i will try your beauty tips on my face.

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