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Is Blonde Right For You? Getting To The “Root” Of The Matter

Beautiful Blonde Hair Means Healthy, Shiny Hair

Is Blonde Right For You?

Color & Style: Nicole Parkinson

Makeup: JV Galindo

Photography: Marco Candela Michelus


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Unwanted tones that are too ashy, or too brassy are issues you’ll have to deal with often when you choose to go blonde; it all depends on how dark of a brunette you are before changing your hair color.  So, for the blondes out there who suffer with never being happy with their hair color, we ask…

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Do You Know What It Takes To Be Blonde?

  • First and foremost beautiful blonde hair means healthy hair.  Having over-processed & straw-like hair defeats the purpose.
  • If your natural hair color is as light as the lightest brown or lighter, you are a good candidate for blonde hair.
  • The finer the texture of your hair, the easier it will be to have a soft, creamy shade of blonde; provided you are falling in the above category.
  • However, fine hair is more sensitive.  Proceed with caution and always use good shampoos and conditioners.
  • If your natural hair color is dark or medium blonde, you can definitely get the ‘Nordic’ or the ‘Golden Goddess’ look, without ruining your hair.
  • Fair skin tone and light eye color is usually a clue that the level of the dark pigment Eumelanin is low, thus when coloring, there will be minimal brassy tones.
  • Beware of falling into the ‘lighter or blonder is better’ trap.  The lighter your hair gets in comparison with your natural hair color, the darker your regrowth will appear, the more you’ll have the urge to go in for color.
  • Being blonde requires maintenance and commitment.  For a single process color you must consider getting your hair done every a 4-6 weeks.
  • Platinum hair requires a hair salon visit every 3-5 weeks, regardless of your natural hair color.  There is nothing wrong with that, if you have the budget and the time.
  • Otherwise, stick with strategically placed highlights, ideally every 3 months or so.  Remember that there is no light without dark, thus you need some of your natural hair color for dimension. Lighter pieces around your face should do the trick.


Must-Haves: Best Hair Products For Blonde Hair

Redken’s shampoos and conditioners for blonde hair surpass other products with their advanced technology and great ingredients.  We especially love the Redken Blonde BBB Spray. Must try!

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