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Marco Candela-Michelus, A NYC Hair Stylist With Flair

Hair Stylist NYC

Marco Candela Michelus

Marco Candela-Michelus is a native Italian hair stylist raised around his mother’s and grandmother’s hair salons.  The art of hair styling came natural to him.
Marco moved to New York nearly 20 years ago and shortly after, he joined the Rusk team as a hair cutting instructor.  While there, his techniques expanded, ultimately specializing in finding the right haircut for every hair type, for which Rusk is known for.  Marco believes that the weight distribution of hair is the key for a haircut to keep a good shape growing out.

One of Marco’s interests is designing graphics for t-shirts.  Marco and his wife owned a clothing store for 11 years and are currently launching a new line of tees and hoodies “All U NEED IS LOVE“.
Last but not least, another passion of Marco is Flamenco music and dance.  He has danced Flamenco for more than a decade and is part of Flamenco Revolucion, a New York based Flamenco dance company.  He is presently training in Flamenco singing.
Whatever Marco does, hair styling, designing or dancing, it’s always permeated with his personal flairMarco is happy to offer 20% discount to any member of the Flamenco community.
To see more of Marco’s work, click on hair and photography by Marco.


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  • Karen Stone October 4, 2012, 6:15 PM

    Marco has been cutting my hair for almost 20 years. He always gives me a great cut. He manages to find the best length, layering and style for my fine straight hair. I always love the result! Marco has a strong eye for design and he knows what works well visually. I am a designer so that talent is important to me…he always has new ideas and I am always happy…I love Marco!

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